Analysis: The grave consequences of the UN’s failure in Lebanon

In a significant escalation, Hezbollah pummeled northern Israel on Wednesday with more than 200 rockets in the terror group’s largest single-day attack since the start of the war in Gaza. If the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) does not execute its mandated mission by stopping Hezbollah attacks on Israel and ensuring the group withdraws north of the Litani River, the steadily intensifying violence on Israel’s northern border could become a full-scale war with massive loss of life. Read more →

IDF soldiers training in northern Israel

Hezbollah continues wave of rocket fire as IDF trains for a northern war

Hezbollah launched more than 100 rockets at Israel on June 13, a day after it launched more than 215 rockets. The continuing escalation, the largest in eight months of war, led to calls by Israeli mayors for Israel to decide about confronting the increasing threats. Iran's acting foreign minister warned Israel against attacking Lebanon as IDF brigades train for a possible war in the north. Read more →

IDF troops

Israel faces major Hezbollah escalation as Rafah battle continues

Hezbollah launched more than 215 rockets at Israel from Lebanon on June 12, its largest escalation of the war. The attacks came in the wake of Israel eliminating senior Hezbollah commander Taleb Sami Abdullah on June 11. The terrorist group also targeted areas along the Sea of Galilee in some of the deepest attacks it’s carried out since October 2023. In Gaza, the IDF’s 98th Division completed operations in central Gaza, and the IDF continues to operate in Rafah. Read more →

Islamic State flag waving on the wind

Islamic State operatives arrested after illegally crossing the US border

Eight Tajik nationals with ties to the Islamic State in Khorasan Province (ISKP) were recently arrested in major US cities after illegally crossing the Mexican border as early as 2023. The arrests underscore the resurgence of the ISKP after the US withdrawal from Afghanistan and may indicate terrorist groups are seeking to exploit America’s border crisis to stage attacks. Read more →

U.S. offers $5 million reward for member of Al Qaeda’s top leadership council

Hamza al Ghamdi is a legacy Al Qaeda leader who fought alongside Osama bin Laden against the Soviets, led bin Laden's bodyguard, organized terror attacks in Tajikistan in the 1990s, and fought at the battle of Tora Bora. He is currently a member of Al Qaeda's shura, or executive leadership council. Ghamdi is likely based in Afghanistan or Iran. Read more →

Hezbollah shoots down Israeli drone, targets warplane with surface-to-air missile

Hezbollah shot down a large Israeli Hermes 900 drone on June 10. The Iranian-backed terrorist group carried out numerous attacks across northern Israel, increasingly utilizing drones in its attacks. Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant visited northern Israel to conduct an assessment on June 9, the same day that Benny Gantz resigned from Israel’s war cabinet. Read more →

Islamic State flag waving on the wind

ISKP’s transnational reemergence

Leveraging its stronghold in Afghanistan and networks across Central and South Asia, ISKP is surging as a formidable transnational actor, posing a threat from Asia to Europe. The Taliban's self-portrayal as a counterforce to ISKP raises concerns about their true motives and the perpetuation of regional instability. Read more →

Gantz resigns from Israeli war cabinet following rescue of four hostages in Gaza raid

Israel rescued four hostages in a raid in Nuseirat in central Gaza. The operation began the morning of June 8 and targeted two buildings where Noa Argamani, Almog Meir Jan, Andrey Kozlov, and Shlomi Ziv were being held. The following day on June 9 Israel war cabinet minister Benny Gantz resigned from the cabinet and ended his party’s backing for the government. Read more →

Generation Jihad Ep. 177 — Gaza: “There is no pretty end to this.”

Bill and Behnam discuss a Tablet Magazine article “Israel is Succeeding in Gaza” and whether there are any possible “settle-for-less” military and political outcomes in Gaza that involve anything other than the total defeat of Hamas; an IDF soldier killed by Hamas terrorists attempting to infiltrate Israel from Gaza; Iran’s IRGC vowing revenge for an Israeli strike in Syria that allegedly killed an IRGC general; and Israel’s new normal of daily skirmishes with Hezbollah on its northern border. Read more →

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