Taliban commander admits thousands of foreign fighters are embedded within group
US military strikes Shabaab “encampment,” killing scores of fighters
Islamic State issues statement on Strasbourg attack after shooter killed
AQIM leader mixes populism with jihadism in criticism of France

Taliban confirms meeting with US in the UAE

The Taliban has confirmed that it is meeting with an American delegation in the UAE on Dec. 17. Representatives from Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and the UAE are attending as well, according to the Taliban. There was no mention of the Afghan government in the Taliban's statement. Read more →

Islamic State issues statement on Strasbourg attack after shooter killed

The Islamic State's Amaq News Agency released a short message claiming that the terrorist responsible for attacking the Strasbourg Christmas market was a "soldier" of the so-called caliphate. The message was disseminated online hours after Chérif Chekatt, who has been identified as the assailant, was shot dead by French police. Thus far, the Islamic State hasn't provided any corroborating details. Read more →

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