Taliban promotes training camp for ‘Commando Mujahidin’
Taliban suicide bomber leads attack on Afghan training center in Wardak province
Attack on UN base in Mali carried out according to Zawahiri’s guidelines, JNIM says
US airstrike kills dozens of Shabaab fighters day after Ethiopian forces ambushed

Indian Forces kill top terror commander wanted in Jammu and Kashmir

Indian security forces killed a notorious and heavily sought-after bomb-maker and chief commander of the Pakistani-connected Al-Badr organization in the Jammu and Kashmir region. Indian officials and news sources identified the commander as Zeenat-ul-Islam, and illustrated his ties with numerous US-designated foreign terror organizations in the region, including Al-Badr and... Read more →

Taliban suicide bomber targets foreign compound in Kabul

The Taliban has claimed responsibility for a "complex martyrdom operation" in Kabul's Green Village late yesterday. The target of the attack isn't clear. The Taliban says the facility served as a "a key intelligence site" for "foreigners." Afghan officials claim it was mostly empty and had been inhabited by UN employees and NGO workers. Read more →