IDF shifts forces as rocket threat is reduced in Gaza

The Israel Defense Forces continue to redeploy reserve units from Gaza after months of war, with several reserve brigades having been withdrawn in the last two weeks. With fighting in Gaza reduced, these reservists are able to return home. In Gaza, the IDF has increased its ability to respond to rocket fire and eliminate perpetrators of rocket launches and other types of attacks. Read more →

Jihadi History: Al-Qaeda’s failed mobilization efforts in Central African Republic

In early 2014, as Muslim civilians were being massacred in Central African Republic as part of a cycle of violence between Muslim and Christian militias, al-Qaeda went on a full-court press in an attempt to foster any jihadist movement to take up arms in the country. These attempts, however, largely fell on deaf ears. As such, this offers a unique glimpse into when, and potentially how, jihadist mobilization attempts fail. Read more →

Generation Jihad Ep. 143 — Biden’s Crippling Fear of Escalation, Part 387

Bill and Behnam discuss the status of U.S. posture in the Middle East, including whether deterrence has been restored and how the U.S. could be more proactive in Syria and Iraq (but wait, do we even have a partner in Baghdad?); the unclaimed rocket attack (by Hezbollah) on the northern Israeli city of Safed; Iran’s recent missile launches (speaking of… just how close are they to being able to build and launch a nuclear weapon?); and why the cyberattack just conducted by the U.S. on an alleged Iranian spy ship transiting the Gulf of Aden, Bab al-Mandeb, and Red Sea will do nothing to deter the Islamic Republic. Read more →

Does Hezbollah’s Silence Link the Attack on Safed to Israel’s Strike on Nabatiyeh? 

Hezbollah did not claim today’s rocket barrage on Safed, which struck an IDF base and killed a soldier. But the dynamics surrounding the attack suggest it may have been a retaliation for Israeli strikes on high-value Hezbollah targets beginning with an Israeli attack last week in Nabatiyeh targeting two high-ranking Hezbollah commanders. Read more →

Rocket fire from Lebanon strikes IDF base

Rockets fired from Lebanon at the northern Israeli city of Safed killed one soldier and wounded eight others. The attack is an escalation, and the Israel Defense Forces launched numerous airstrikes in retaliation. Israel’s Chief of Staff told members of northern communities who remain evacuated that the IDF would enable them to return to their homes. Read more →

Israeli forces renew efforts to solidify defeat of Hamas

Israeli farmers return to plow fields near the border of Gaza with fighting reduced in many areas and with almost no rocket fire. Israel’s Chief of Staff spoke at length about the successes and challenges the IDF faces in Gaza. This includes the need to return to areas they already took from Hamas to eliminate more terrorists. The Israeli Ministry of Defense purchased 200 new security vehicles for border communities. Read more →

Part II – Hezbollah’s narrative on Al-Aqsa Flood: Tailored to appeal to specific Western sensibilities

Part II: Propaganda is a critical element of Hezbollah’s warfighting toolkit. The current Gaza-Israel War, of which Hezbollah considers itself a part, is no different, and the group has therefore crafted a narrative around that conflict to appeal to Western audiences to side against the Israelis. Read more →

Generation Jihad Ep. 142 — With Israel’s friends like these…

Bill and Joe catch up on the latest headlines from the war in Gaza. They discuss the IDF's operation along Gaza's border with Egypt in Rafa, which last night included the rescuing of two hostages; how Hamas fighters are resurfacing in Khan Younis; and the uncomfortably palpable uptick in international pressure on Israel as it continues its defensive war, most notably from the U.S. They also start to unpack some of this UNRWA baggage, like the newly-discovered Hamas operations hub found beneath an UNRWA school (to ironically quote DJ Khaled: "another one"); the UNRWA chief's subsequent statement about "alleged tunnels" (which Bill points out is interesting, given that something either is or is not a tunnel); new consequences for the UN organization still reeling from funding cuts after it was revealed that several of its employees participated in the October 7 attack on Israel; and whether (and how) Israel might continue to work with UNRWA to facilitate the transfer of aid into Gaza. Read more →

Generation Jihad Ep. 141 — PSA: “Iran + Iran ≠ anything other than Iran”

This episode features the most special guest to join Generation Jihad in two years: Thomas Joscelyn. Bill's OG partner in crime is back on the show to discuss the newest variant of Disconnect-the-Dots Disease and its primary benefactor who also happens to be the arsonist behind the dumpster fire currently engulfing the Middle East — and the dangerous cost of American ambivalence. Read more →

Hezbollah rocket barrages target northern Israel 

Hezbollah launched two barrages of rockets at Israel on February 9. The head of Israel’s air force told an Israel Defense Forces conference that “Hezbollah will continue to pay with the loss of its systems. Dozens of aircraft are now operating in the skies of southern Lebanon.” Israel carried out retaliatory strikes against Hezbollah on February 9 Read more →

Rafah in Israel’s sights as next Gaza moves loom

The Israeli Prime Minister said Israel will draft a plan “for evacuating the population and destroying the battalions” in the southern Gaza city of Rafah, the last major area held by Hamas in Gaza. IDF forces have continued to uncover weapons in Khan Younis, and they also operated in Beit Lahia in northern Gaza. Read more →

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