Generation Jihad Ep. 169 — The Houthi Origin Story

Bill is joined by Long War Journal regular and long-time friend of the show, Edmund Fitton-Brown to talk about the Houthis. If you're here, you've heard of them — but how much do you actually know about them? What is their relationship with the Islamic Republic of Iran? Why are they in Yemen? Edmund previously served as the United Kingdom's Ambassador to Yemen, a role which required him to negotiate and spend a significant amount of time in close quarters with Houthi leaders. He details some of his interactions with them and how the experience shapes his understanding of the region today. Read more →

Israel’s Defense Minister Calls for Gaza Plan

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant called on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to reach a decision regarding the future of Gaza. “As long as Hamas retains control over civilian life in Gaza, it may rebuild and strengthen, thus requiring the IDF to return and fight, in areas where it has already operated,” he said. He also noted the challenges Israel faces on multiple fronts as two drones were downed by IDF warplanes overnight between May 14 and 15 and with Hezbollah launching more than 60 rockets at Israel. Read more →

Israel Opens Another Crossing for Aid to Enter Northern Gaza

The Israel Defense Forces opened a new crossing for aid to enter into Gaza. The crossing is called the Western Erez crossing, and it is near the coast in the area of Zikim in Israel. It enables aid to reach northwestern Gaza in addition to two other crossings that now serve northern Gaza. Meanwhile in southern Gaza, the Rafah crossing remains closed, leading to concerns about aid entering southern Gaza. Read more →

IDF’s new three-pronged Gaza offensive takes shape

The Israel Defense Forces are now operating in three areas of Gaza in a multi-pronged offensive against Hamas and other terrorist groups. The new phase of operations began on May 6 when Israel began operating in eastern Rafah. This developed into a second operation in northern Gaza on May 9 and an operation in Jabalya on May 12. Jabalya and Zaytun are in northern Gaza, and have been cleared of Hamas in the past, illustrating how quickly Hamas has returned to areas previously cleared by the IDF. Read more →

Israel’s Rafah operation met with US warning of munitions pause

The Israel Defense Forces continued operations in eastern Rafah on May 9, eliminating up to 50 terrorists and uncovering ten tunnel shafts. Meanwhile, Israel’s military and political leadership reacted to comments from President Biden about the potential for pausing more munitions deliveries if Israel expands into the rest of Rafah. In Zaytun in northern Gaza, the IDF carried out its third raid in six months of ground maneuver. Read more →

Generation Jihad Ep. 166 — Bill and Tom’s Excellent Debunking

On November 8, 2023, the House Committee on Foreign Affairs conducted a closed-door interview with Zalmay Khalilzad, the Former Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation and master architect of the Doha Agreement which cemented the Taliban's takeover of Afghanistan. Many items of interest came up during the marathon meeting, including Long War Journal. If you know, you know. Bill poured over transcripts of the nearly ten hours-long interview, and he had help from none other than LWJ OG Tom Joscelyn. Bill and Tom discuss the highlights. Read more →

Israel’s Defense Minister visits north amid Hezbollah attacks

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant visited the IDF’s 91st division in northern Israel on May 8, where he met with the commander of the division responsible for defending the Lebanon border and vowed that Israel would return evacuated civilians to their communities along the northern border. The IDF evacuated 80,000 Israelis from the north in October 2023 due to Hezbollah attacks, and approximately 50,000 remain evacuated. Read more →

IDF tanks take Rafah crossing, forces target eastern Rafah

Israeli tanks took control of the Gaza side of the Rafah crossing with Egypt on May 7, 2024. Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant visited IDF artillery supporting the operation and said Israel was still open to a compromise with Hamas, but that Israel would intensify operations if Hamas did not make a hostage deal. Hezbollah and Iraqi militias escalated attacks on Israel as the IDF operation in Rafah began. Read more →

Generation Jihad Ep. 165 — Israel’s boiling point (BONUS: Joe goes to a “protest”)

Bill and Joe catch up on top Israel headlines, including this weekend’s attack by Hamas that killed four IDF soldiers and in which the Iron Dome was curiously not activated to intercept the rocket fire; the issues of humanitarian aid, pier, and port; the anticipated Rafah operation; the concept of a permanent ceasefire; the cycle of civilians being kidnapped and held hostage by armed Palestinian groups; reports of the U.S. withholding a shipment of military aid to Israel; an update on the eerily quiet West Bank; and Joe’s visit to his local “pro-Palestine protest.” Read more →

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