IDF soldiers in Gaza

Israeli forces in Rafah report discovering numerous tunnels and significant terrorist infrastructure

Israel Defense Forces units continue to operate in Rafah, uncovering numerous tunnels and weapons in civilian homes in southern Gaza. In central Gaza, mortar fire killed two IDF soldiers and severely wounded three. The IDF also carried out several targeted airstrikes against terrorists and a rocket launch site. Read more →

Lieutenant General Herzi HaLevi

Hezbollah publishes drone footage of Israel as Nasrallah issues new warnings

Israel-Hezbollah tensions increased on June 18 and June 19. Hezbollah released drone footage showing sites in northern Israel, and the group’s leader, Hassan Nasrallah, threatened Cyprus and warned it against letting the IDF use its bases. IDF Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Herzi HaLevi and Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant held discussions with Israel’s Northern Command to discuss the situation. Read more →

Generation Jihad Ep. 181 — Al Qaeda’s leader has a new rallying cry. We should listen.

The (still technically unofficial) leader of Al Qaeda, Saif al-Adel, wrote an article under a pseudonym calling for people around the world to flock to Afghanistan for training to conduct attacks against “the Zionists.” Clear efforts by Al Qaeda to capitalize on the conflict in Gaza — but is the threat credible? Does al Qaeda in Afghanistan even have the means? Yes and yes, say Bill and Will Selber, LWJ contributor and retired Middle East Foreign Area Officer. They discuss how we give an enemy time and space to innovate and then ignore their threats at our own peril. Read more →

Generation Jihad Ep. 180 — Meanwhile in the West Bank…

The Islamic Republic of Iran tightening its noose around Israel can be evidenced by activity from the Houthis and in Gaza, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and — lest we forget — the West Bank. How does the West Bank threat compare to the Gaza threat? Who holds power in the West Bank, and which terrorist groups are active there? Top of the list? Islamic Jihad. They discuss Joe’s recent research on the senior members of Islamic Jihad that were killed in a counterterrorism operation in the West Bank and losses suffered by the group’s Syria branch in Lebanon.  Read more →

Generation Jihad Ep. 179 — Uncertainty: It’s the new weapon, weapon of choice

Bill and Behnam unpack a recent DIA report on the impact of Houthi attacks on international shipping and discuss everything the Houthis have been able to do with the limited resources supplied by Islamic Republic of Iran (and considering the bang for their buck, why wouldn’t they continue to supply weapons?); the perilous pattern of the U.S. ignoring when its enemies scream from the rooftops what their intentions are; and the credibility of claims made by the Houthi leader that an attack against Israel is being planned with help from the Islamic Resistance in Iraq — should we believe him?  Read more →

Analysis: The grave consequences of the UN’s failure in Lebanon

In a significant escalation, Hezbollah pummeled northern Israel on Wednesday with more than 200 rockets in the terror group’s largest single-day attack since the start of the war in Gaza. If the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) does not execute its mandated mission by stopping Hezbollah attacks on Israel and ensuring the group withdraws north of the Litani River, the steadily intensifying violence on Israel’s northern border could become a full-scale war with massive loss of life. Read more →

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