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Generation Jihad Ep. 93 — Context for Turkey’s election

Host Bill Roggio is joined by two of his FDD colleagues to unpack the context surrounding Turkey's imminent presidential elections. Jonathan Schanzer is the Senior Vice President for Research at FDD, where Sinan Ciddi is a non-resident senior fellow. Both are Turkey experts. (One has taken a harder hit from pro-government Turks on Twitter than the other.) From President Erdogan's thinly-veiled political opportunism — like his 180 on Syria; his regional charm offensive, particularly with Israel; and his role as a U.S. "counterterrorism partner" — and his blatant corruption — like his mismanagement of earthquake aid and his allowing Turkey to be a terrorist superhighway — to an opposition candidate's eleventh hour dropout, this is your starter pack for understanding what's about to unfold in Turkey. Read more →

U.S. State Department officials speak at same conference as dangerous Iran-backed Iraqi terrorist

Senior U.S. State Department officials spoke at the same conference as Qais al Khazali, a known Shia terrorist who is responsible for arming, training and forming the deadly Iranian-backed militias that are known to have killed hundreds of U.S. troops in Iraq. Read more →

Analysis: Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb encourages its Sahelian wing to continue fighting the Islamic State

Abu Yasir al-Jaza'iri, an Algerian ideologue in al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, offers the group's harshest rebuke of the Islamic State to date. Read more →

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Generation Jihad Ep. 90 — Israel and her enemies

To unpack and assess the latest terror threats faced by Israel, Bill had to call in the experts: Dr. Jonathan Schanzer and Joe Truzman. If you'd like to dig deeper on the topics discussed in this episode, we recommend you check out Joe's project on mapping terrorism in the West Bank and Jon's book "Gaza Conflict 2021: Hamas, Israel and Eleven Days of War" which according to LTG (Ret.) H.R. McMaster: "If you want to understand the hell in a very small place that is Gaza, read this book." Read more →

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