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Hezbollah escalates as rockets target Tel Aviv

IDF forces fought In Khan Yunis, Dier al-Balah and Shujaiaya and uncovered terrorist infrastructure in Rimal and Shati in northern Gaza. Elite counter-terror forces bolstered IDF units in Shujaiaya, while a hostage rescue operation resulted in injured IDF soldiers. Hezbollah escalated attacks in the north and tensions rose at the Syrian border on December 7 and December 8.

IDF expands operations into southern Gaza

Israeli forces expanded operations into Khan Yunis in southern Gaza on Tuesday, December 5. IDF Southern Command head Maj. General Yaron Finkelman called December 5 the most intense day of fighting since the beginning of the ground operation. The IDF is also focusing on defeating remaining Hamas units in Jabalya and Shujaiya, adjacent to Gaza City. Israel has detained over 1,200 Hamas operatives in the West Bank since October 7, IDF Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi said.

Israel expands offensive into southern Gaza

Israel expanded operations in Gaza, targeting Khan Yunis and areas in the southern Gaza Strip. In northern Gaza the IDF focused on defeating the Shujaiya battalion of Hamas. Threats from Hezbollah expanded since the renewal of fighting in Gaza and Iran-backed Houthis also escalated their attacks on ships in the Red Sea.

Generation Jihad Ep. 121 — Israel at War: December 1, 2023

Bill and Joe are back with an update on Israel’s now-resumed war in Gaza, and they’re joined by FDD Senior Fellow and Hezbollah expert David Daoud. They discuss the latest activity from Hezbollah at Israel’s border with Lebanon, U.S. funding to the Lebanese Armed Forces (or as Bill calls it: “giving crack to a crackhead”), the pieces in play on the Islamic Republic of Iran’s regional chessboard, and more.

Hamas renews rocket fire, Israel responds as pause in fighting ends 

Hamas renewed rocket fire on Israel just before 06:00 local time on Friday, December 1, ending a pause in fighting that had held for one week. The Israel Defense Forces said the Iron Dome air defense system had been activated to intercept rockets launched from the Gaza Strip, and Israel responded with airstrikes on Gaza soon after the rocket launch began. 

Terror attacks amid continued ‘pause’ in Gaza fighting 

A terror attack in Jerusalem left three dead and a dozen wounded on November 30. A second attack in the West Bank wounded Israeli soldiers. A UAV was intercepted from Lebanon. Israel awaited another group of hostages and bodies returned from Gaza as the ceasefire was extended for a day. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken visited Israel and met with officials.

Israel eliminates Palestinian Islamic Jihad commander

Israel carried out a raid in Jenin in the northern West Bank, eliminating a Palestinian Islamic Jihad commander. In Gaza two hostages holding Russian citizenship were released and another ten Israeli hostages were expected to be released as the pause in fighting continues.

Pause in fighting in Gaza extended amid tensions

Israel and Hamas extended a pause in fighting in Gaza for several more days as Hamas continues to obfuscate about the groups holding hostages in Gaza. Israel’s Chief of Staff travelled to the northern border with Lebanon to meet with IDF troops. The IDF demolished the home of a terrorist in the West Bank.

Generation Jihad Ep. 119 — Israel at War: November 27, 2023

Bill and Joe are back with an update on the latest from Israel and Gaza, starting with the release by Hamas of hostages in exchange for Palestinian prisoners held in Israel amidst the backdrop of a still-holding ceasefire.

They’re also joined again by FDD Senior Fellow and Iran expert Behnam Ben Taleblu to unpack the latest regional aggression covered with Tehran’s fingerprints, including more missiles fired at U.S. and Israeli assets in the region (and why one incident last week was actually a “game-changer”) as well as the latest string of maritime hijackings off the coast of Yemen.

Generation Jihad Ep. 117 — Israel at War: November 20, 2023

Bill and Joe are back for an update on the latest headlines stemming from Israel’s war in Gaza. They check in on where things stand with Shifa, do a multi-front around the horn to catch up on Gaza, the West Bank, and the northern front with Lebanon and Syria. They also discuss the insanity that is media coverage of Gaza.

Israel faces winter storm, Houthi threats  

Israeli infantry and armored units continued to isolate Gaza City on November 17-19, pushing into Jabalya and Zaytun neighborhoods. Israel also faced a winter storm that lashed the Golan with its first snow and will require troops to be kitted out with gear for the cold months ahead. The IDF released new footage obtained from Shifa hospital showing hostages transported to the hospital by Hamas on October 7.

Israeli forces take control of Gaza’s harbor

Israel took control of the harbor of Gaza on Thursday, November 16. This important achievement represents another phase in dismantling the Hamas terrorist infrastructure and brings Israeli forces along the coast closer together to complete the encirclement of Gaza. Operations in Shifa hospital also continued and the body of an Israeli hostage was found in Gaza.

Shifa hospital the focus of IDF ground operations in Gaza

Israel’s IDF began its first operation inside the Shifa hospital compound in Gaza. The hospital is a suspected command and control post for Hamas. Weapons were found and there was a brief battle with terrorists outside the hospital grounds. In addition other Israeli ground forces continued operations in neighborhoods near Gaza city.

Hostages at center of Israel’s focus

Israeli forces took over several Hamas-run government buildings in Gaza on November 14. An Israeli hostage was confirmed killed in Gaza. She was one of several soldiers taken hostage by Hamas at an observation post during the October 7 Hamas terrorist attack. Attacks targeted Israel’s southern city of Eilat and Hezbollah attacked Israel from Lebanon.

Israel acknowledges fight on a third front: Mounting diplomatic pressure

Hezbollah attacks on Israel increased on Monday, November 13. Israeli leaders stressed that they want to continue concentrating on defeating Hamas in Gaza. Israel carried out naval operations, and tanks battled terrorists in Gaza as IDF forces press slowly forward into urban areas around Gaza City. One Israeli was killed, and several wounded in the north by Hezbollah attacks.

Gaza hospitals and Nasrallah threats challenge IDF

Israel’s air force has struck more than 5,000 targets in two weeks of ground operations, the IDF said on November 12. Hezbollah continues to threaten Israel in the north, carrying out attacks deeper into Israel and wounding soldiers and civilians.

IDF has destroyed 130 Hamas tunnels in Gaza while establishing a civilian corridor to safety

The IDF continues to operate in sectors around Gaza City as it attempted to root out terrorist infrastructure on Wednesday, November 8. This included demolishing and blowing up tunnels used by Hamas. In addition the IDF opened a corridor along a main road for civilians to flee south. The twin challenges of dismantling tunnels and enabling civilians to flee is increasingly part of the ground operation as troops settle into their areas of operation.

Israel enters new phase of war with Gaza City now encircled

Israel’s ground operations in Gaza entered their second week on Monday, October 6. With IDF units now astride the Gaza Strip, encircling Gaza City, the two divisions the IDF has in Gaza can settle into their operational areas and begin to uncover Hamas terrorist infrastructure.