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Chad joins Cameroon, Nigeria, in fight against Boko Haram

Chad’s parliament voted 150 to 0 earlier this week to deploy an undisclosed number Chadian security forces to assist Cameroonian and Nigerian soldiers battling Boko Haram. The US and Russia have also pledged military assistance to Cameroon this week.

Pakistani Taliban splinter group again pledges allegiance to Islamic State

A Pakistani Taliban splinter group released a nearly 17-minute video again pledging its allegiance to the Islamic State. The group primarily consists of low to mid-level former Pakistani Taliban officials from Khyber, Arakzai, Bajaur, Hangu, and Dir in Pakistan, and from Kunar, Logar, and Nangarhar in Afghanistan.

ISIS and the threat to Turkey

The recent hostage crisis in Mosul is only the latest sign that Turkey’s new neighbor, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham, poses a serious threat to Turkey’s national security.

Turkey’s ISIS problem

Recent attacks in Nigde have raised concerns in Turkey over extremism in Syria. Tensions have been high between the Turkish military and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham since the tomb of Suleyman Shah, a small Turkish territory in Syria, fell under the threat of an ISIS attack.

Senior Taliban commanders killed in northern Afghanistan

Senior Taliban commanders, including two deputy provincial shadow governors, have been killed in joint Afghan and Coalition security operations targeting militant hideouts in Jawzjan province. Two other prominent Taliban commanders were killed in Faryab province.

Senior Pakistani Taliban leader gunned down in Peshawar

Pakistani security forces killed a wanted Taliban leader and his accomplice following a brief shootout on the outskirts of Peshawar. The clash comes hours after a coordinated Taliban attack against a Frontier Corps checkpoint left six Pakistanis dead.

Afghan NDS disrupts Kabul terror plot

Afghan intelligence forces stormed a militant safe house in Kabul City late on May 29. Afghan forces arrested six would-be suicide bombers and killed a seventh suspect. Suicide vests and other explosives were seized in the operation.