Jihadist coalition claims control of Idlib
Interview with activist describes role of al-Khans’aa Brigade
Saudi Arabia begins Operation Decisive Storm in Yemen
US continues airstrikes in Tikrit despite involvement of Iranian-backed Shiite militias

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March 27, 2015
  • Syria
    SOHR claims that the regime killed 18 people, including three children, while shelling the town of Daraa in southern Syria.The US dropped graphic anti-jihadist leaflets over the Islamic State-held city of Raqqa. The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons will investigate claims of a chemical weapons attack on the village of Sarmin that killed six and wounded dozens. The UN doubled its estimate of Syrians living in besieged areas to about 440,000. An Islamic State suicide bomber hit a Kurdish checkpoint in the city of Hasakah, killing one and injuring another. A Hezbollah commander and two fighters were reportedly killed by Syrian rebels near the Lebanese border.
  • Kenya
    Shabaab gunned down a senior officer with Kenya's counterterrorism police in Mombasa. Security forces are on high alert amidst reports that Shabaab operatives have snuck into the country to conduct attacks.
  • Somalia
    A senior Shabaab commander was captured along with three others when security forces raided his hideout in Mogadishu, according to a senior intelligence officer. Amisom troops deserted the strategic towns of Awdeegle , Barrire and Sabiib in Lower Shebelle region, according to residents. Interim Jubbaland Forces and African Union troops are conducting an offensive against Shabaab in the Jubba region.
  • Egypt
    A ten-year-old girl was killed when she picked up an improvised explosive device placed near her school in Fayoum province. A senior police official was killed in a shootout with unknown gunmen in Suez. The rise in terrorist attacks in Egypts is apparently failing to drive off investors. Egypt is ready to send troops into Yemen along with regional Arab partners.
March 25, 2015
  • Libya
    Jihadists allied with the Islamic State clashed with both pro-government and rival Islamist militia forces in Sirte and Benghazi. A suicide bomber killed five security personnel working for a rival Islamist faction in Sirte, while a string of suicide bombing in Benghazi killed at least 12 individuals fighting for the internationally recognized government. Islamic State jihadists released two Bangladeshi hostages taken in the attack on the Al Ghani oilfield south of Sirte more than two weeks ago.
  • Tunisia
    Newly released video shows the moment gunfire erupted during the jihadist attack on the Bardo museum in Tunis. Tataouine, the Tunisian town famous as the setting for the planet of Tattooine in the movie Star Wars, has reportedly become a waypoint for jihadists transiting to Libya.
  • Mali
    Two bomb makers were killed when their explosives prematurely detonated, destroying a house in Gao.
  • Nigeria
    Boko Haram kidnapped hundreds of civilians rounded up from primary schools as it fled from Damask earlier in March. The jihadist group is reportedly using the hostages as human shields. Nigeria has closed its borders ahead of presidential and parliamentary elections on Mar. 28.
March 20, 2015
  • Nigeria
    Residents of Bama in Borno state claim that Boko Haram fighters "slaughtered their wives" before they retreated from a Nigerian Army offensive. Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan believes that the jihadist group could be pushed out of towns and villages it holds in about a month.
  • Mali
    Security personnel have arrested two men in connection with the small arms attack on a nightclub in Bamako that killed five people. Three Malians, a Frenchman and a Belgian were killed in the assault on Mar. 7.
  • Tunisia
    The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack on a museum in Tunis that killed 23 people. The attackers targeted Westerners and reportedly received weapons training in Libya. Authorities say that up to 3,000 Tunisian citizens have traveled abroad to wage jihad.
  • Libya
    The UN special envoy stated that the terrorist attack in neighboring Tunisia has added a "sense of urgency" to ongoing peace talks in Libya. Gen. Khalifa Haftar told the AP that the Islamic State will spread to Europe if Libya receives no foreign military aid. Libya's foreign minister congratulated the rival Libya Dawn on fighting the Islamic State in Sirte.
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