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Al Qaeda’s #3 misidentified again

An al Qaeda leader named Sheikh Younis al Mauritani has been identified as al Qaeda’s external operations chief and number three in the organization. According to US intelligence officials contacted by The Long War Journal, he is neither.

Rise in Predator strikes in Pakistan aimed at foiling Mumbai in Europe

According to Sky News, the recent spike in US Predator strike in Pakistan (21 this month) can be attributed to an attempt to foil Mumbai-like terror assaults in major European cities: Intelligence agencies have intercepted a terror plot to launch Mumbai-style attacks on Britain and other European countries, according to Sky News sources. Sky’s foreign […]

Al Qaeda

Pakistan conflicted over targeting rising extremists in its heartland

Pakistan balks at taking on the Punjabi Taliban

Despite the numerous, heinous terror attacks carried out in Pakistan’s major cities, the Pakistani government is hesitant to take on the myriad of home-grown and supported terror groups known as the Punjabi Taliban. Yesterday, Rehman Malik, Pakistan’s Minister of the Interior, stated that “no military operation is planned against banned outfits in Punjab, rather effective […]

Name that army

At least one squad of the joint Taliban-al Qaeda Shadow Army operating in Swat. In a London Times article on foreign fighters’ influence in Pakistan’s tribal areas, the author notes that the Punjabi and Arab fighters in the region are quite organized and efficient: The Arabs, regarded by locals as good, quiet tenants, paying up […]

Al Qaeda

Pakistan – Arabs throw in their lot with ‘global terrorists™ in war against the infidel