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Head of Pakistan’s Jamaat-e-Islami claims anti-Islam policies of West could plunge world into 3rd world war


US-returned techie held in India for planning to join ISIS


Malaysian man who ‘used Australia as step-off point for sending fighters to join ISIS terrorists in Syria’ arrested after being deported


Belgians held in France after foiled plot ‘were fleeing to Italy’


As Terrorism Suspects Are Detained in Europe, Scope of Challenge Is Highlighted

United States

CENTCOM reported that the US and partner nations have carried out five airstrikes in Iraq and six in Syria against the Islamic State since yesterday morning. The Pentagon announced plans to deploy over 400 American trainers and hundreds more “enabling forces” to sites in Turkey, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia as early as March, where they […]


President Erdogan denounced the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo for “incit[ing] hatred and racism.” Shabazz Suleman, a British jihadist who was among some 180 Islamic State fighters turned over to the terrorist group in October in exchange for 46 Turkish hostages, claimed that while in a Turkish prison he and fellow fighters were allowed contact […]


Authorities warned of possible jihadist attacks on rail facilities in Berlin and Dresden. Over 200 police officers conducted raids on 12 radical Salafist properties in Berlin, including a mosque, last night, arresting two people suspected of recruiting and fundraising for the Islamic State. One of the the suspects, Ismet D., 41 and of Turkish origin, […]


Police arrested 12 people, including four women, in the Paris area who are suspected of links to last week’s terrorist attacks in Paris. A bomb threat caused an hourlong evacuation of the Gare de l’Est train station in Paris. A heavily armed man took hostages at a post office in Colombes, just west of Paris, […]


Police arrested 15 people in a dozen raids yesterday in Brussels and Vervier who are suspected of planning to attack police stations and kill officers; police uniforms, guns, explosives, and cash were seized during the raids. Terrorism charges were filed against five people. Some of the suspects had fought in Syria, and “most” were said […]

United Kingdom

Prime Minister Cameron announced a joint UK-US initiative to confront Islamist extremism both at home and abroad. Cameron said the UK will deploy additional unarmed drones in the battle against the Islamic State. Police are considering enhanced security measures to protect Jewish communities and police officers after “seeing continuing anti-Semitic rhetoric from extremists” as well […]