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Taliban ambush policemen in northern Afghan province

The Taliban ambushed Afghan forces just after the military ended what it claimed was a successful operation to clear the Wardoj district in Badakhshan. More that 20 Afghan policemen are reported to have been killed and an additional 24 are missing.

Senior Taliban commanders killed in northern Afghanistan

Senior Taliban commanders, including two deputy provincial shadow governors, have been killed in joint Afghan and Coalition security operations targeting militant hideouts in Jawzjan province. Two other prominent Taliban commanders were killed in Faryab province.

Afghan NDS disrupts Kabul terror plot

Afghan intelligence forces stormed a militant safe house in Kabul City late on May 29. Afghan forces arrested six would-be suicide bombers and killed a seventh suspect. Suicide vests and other explosives were seized in the operation.

Afghan intelligence thwarts major attack against Kandahar City

Following weeks of surveillance work, Afghan intelligence officials intercepted an explosives-laden tractor late on May 25, effectively preventing a massive Taliban terror attack against Kandahar City. Tractors have been widely employed by insurgents as a means of transporting explosives and for vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices.

Afghan forces thwart unprecedented terror plot in Kabul

NDS forces raided a Haqqani Network safe house in eastern Kabul, killing five militants, capturing two others, and seizing a 7,800-kg truck bomb wired for detonation. The bomb’s destructive capacity had a radius of nearly one mile, according to Afghan officials.