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Lebanon Premier’s Resignation Exposes Lebanon to Instability


Three days of fighting in Tripoli left 12 people dead. The fighting occurred between a Sunni neighborhood that supports Syrian rebels and an Alawite community that supports the Assad regime. The Lebanese army deployed to stop the fighting.


I flew secret missions carrying cash and weapons into Syria for Assad, pilot reveals


The leader of the opposition Syrian National Coalition tried to resign, saying the SNC was too heavily influenced by Islamists and foreign powers, but the SNC rejected the resignation. Rebels continued their offensive near the Jordanian border. The Arab League transferred Syria’s seat in the organization to the opposition. The EU failed to reach an […]


Criminal gangs fill void left by Egypt’s broken security apparatus


Malaysia declared the crisis in eastern Sabah to be “under control.” Authorities downgraded the alert level after a month of fighting against an incursion by the “Sulu royal army,” which had asserted a claim over Sabah.


Sunni Leaders Gaining Clout in Mideast