Social Media Jihad: Ansar al Sharia Tunisia leader says Muslim youth ‘haunt’ West

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Ansar al Sharia Tunisia has released a short statement from its leader, Seifallah Ben Hassine (a.k.a. Abu Iyad al Tunisi), that is being promoted on its Twitter feed. The statement is entitled, “Either Allah Alone, or Allah and Others with Him.” The banner for the statement can be seen above.

According to the SITE Intelligence Group, which translated the statement, Ben Hassine says the following [emphasis added]:

Beware that you are the top of this affliction to humiliate yourselves… By Allah, the East and the West sleeps and awakens on your case… Despite your weakness and lack, and the absence of the supporter, you haunt America and the West… You are the problem that has no solution… Do you know why? Because, in short, you are the guardians of Allah for this religion, so await the glad tidings and do not be defeated….

Very briefly, it is either Allah and no other but Him, or Allah and others with Him, and this does not please Allah… So with Allah and no other but Him until we meet Him, and He is satisfied with us….

This is not the first time that Ben Hassine has directed his rhetoric against the West. For instance, in a previous video we covered at The Long War Journal, we quoted him as saying:

Our first message is directed to the West-Zionist crusade, we tell them: we are aware that you have been planning since years, and your planning has been intensified after the escape of your pawn, [Former Tunisian President] Ben Ali, for the purpose of removing Islam from this land. I swear you will never be successful.

When Ben Hassine spoke these words, he was flanked by two known al Qaeda operatives, one of whom had plotted against US interests prior to the 9/11 attacks.

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