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US officials said a homemade launching device was found outside Yokota Air Force Base in Tokyo. Two loud explosions were heard on the base last night but no injuries or damage have been reported. The left-wing extremist group Kakurokyo is suspected of launching homemade mortar rockets near Yokota in 2009.


US chief of naval operations confirms expanded footprint in Bahrain


The Afghan military claimed 15 Taliban fighters were killed in infighting in Paktika, and said that four more were killed during operations in Ghazni. The Taliban killed five civilians in bombings in Nangarhar.


Selim Idriss, the head of the Free Syrian Army’s Supreme Military Council, pledged cooperation with the newly formed Islamic Front coalition. Kurdish YPG forces took control of three villages in Hasakah after clashes with the Al Nusrah Front, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham, and rebel battalions. The Fajer al-Sham Islamic battalion, Ahrar […]


Iran shakes up foundation controlled by Ayatollah’s business empire


The Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham killed 29 people in a series of bombings and attacks in Baghdad, Samarra, Najaf, Hilla, Suwayrah, and Tarmiyah. In an attack in Samarra, a suicide bomber killed three policemen at a checkpoint.


Security forces arrested a third Azerbaijani citizen suspected to be part of a cell that was planning to bomb a mosque in Baku. The men allegedly belong to a “religious” terrorist group.


Two suspected Islamist militants and one policeman were killed in a shootout in Ingushetia. Security forces killed three militants in Dagestan on Nov. 26.


Pakistan Taliban condemns media’s celebration of Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar


Ansar al Sharia has regrouped in Benghazi and attacked at least three army checkpoints, including a headquarters, injuring three soldiers. Two marines were murdered in Benghazi. More than 40 people have been killed in an explosion at an arms depot near Sabha southern Libya; civilians had reportedly stormed the depot. The bodies of three murdered […]


In Silania, hundreds of protesters attacked the police and the national guard headquarters, injuring 50 police officers. Protesters stormed the local governorate building in Gafsa and set fire to the offices of the ruling Ennahda and CPR parties. The motive for the protests was said to be unclear and no arrests were made. A year […]

United States

The US military flew two warplanes over an area of the East China Sea that is claimed by both Japan and China, in a routine exercise, defying a recent Chinese edict. A federal judge rejected claims by Osama bin Laden son-in-law Abu Ghaith that he was treated inhumanely by US officials after his arrest in […]


Twenty Taliban fighters and 10 policemen were killed during fighting in Nuristan. The Taliban killed six teachers in Faryab and six soldiers in IED attacks in Zabul, Logar, and Helmand.


Thirty-six Iraqis were killed in a series of bombings and attacks throughout Iraq. In one attack, a suicide bomber killed 11 people at a funeral in Abu Ghraib. Thirteen Iraqis who were executed were also found. Security forces repelled an attack on a border outpost in Anbar; one insurgent was killed and two more were […]


Authorities arrested a number of people tied to members of the Salafi jihadist cell killed by the IDF near Hebron. Israeli intelligence estimates that Israel’s current geostrategic position has improved in the past year. Five Israeli Arabs were charged for attacking an IDF base with firebombs. The IDF said Palestinian terror groups are continuing their […]


A court in Alexandria sentenced 14 alleged female Muslim Brotherhood members to prison for 11 years. During raids in North Sinai, the army seized a variety of weapons. The government reached an agreement with the EU for a €90 million aid package. The army released footage of some of the homes targeted in operations in […]

Palestinian Territories

Thousands of Palestinians attended the funeral of the three Salafi jihadists killed by the IDF near Hebron. A Palestinian Authority official said 22 Salafi jihadists have been arrested in the West Bank in recent weeks. A senior Hamas official slammed the Palestinian Authority for the ongoing energy crisis in the Gaza Strip.


New breed of radical Islamists in West Bank worries Israel, PA


The Assad regime said it would participate in the Jan. 22 peace talks in Geneva but would not “hand over power.” The head of the Free Syrian Army said it was not the right time for peace talks and asked for more arms and ammunition. The Chechen-led Emigrants’ Army swore allegiance to the Islamic State […]


Nun emerges as power broker and publicist in Syria; rebels condemn her as ‘Assad’s nun’


Interior Minister Güler denied allegations that police allowed a truck to unload nearly 1,000 warheads destined for Syria at a crossing checkpoint in Hatay near an al Qaeda camp. The government plans to turn a 5th century monastery in Istanbul into a mosque. Turkey joined Iran in calling for a ceasefire in Syria prior to […]