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2 suicide bombers strike in South Sinai

If Ansar Jerusalem takes credit for today’s suicide attacks, it would be the group’s first claimed attack since bombing a tourist bus in Taba in mid-February. In addition, the two bombings would be the fifth and sixth suicide attacks by the jihadist group since September 2013.


The army said three members of Ansar Jerusalem were killed and three more militants were arrested in operations in North Sinai; officials said two of those arrested were related to an Ansar Jerusalem founder who died last month. A Muslim Brotherhood leader said mass death sentences will pave the way for the downfall of Cairo’s […]


Palestinian deal will not make Hamas change: veteran leader


Israeli intelligence: Assad concealing chemical capability


Overnight airstrikes in North Sinai reportedly killed 7 militants. A senior military officer said the the Sinai Peninsula was under the “complete control” of Egypt’s army. Authorities reportedly arrested seven Ansar Jerusalem members in Cairo and Qaliubiya.