Monthly Archives: November 2013


Security forces killed a Taliban district governor and seven fighters in Herat, and killed four more fighters and captured five more in Wardak. The Pakistani military fired 38 missiles into Kunar.


Iran Nuclear Deal Raises Fears of Proliferation Among Arab States


Foreign Minister Zarif said Iran will never participate in talks with Israel. Iran’s ambassador to Turkey noted that cooperation has improved between the Iranian intelligence and security services and Turkey’s National Intelligence Organisation, and said Iran has offered to help Turkey mend ties with Syria.


The Al Nusrah Front and rebels clashed with regime forces in Maaloula in an attempt to retake the town. Al Nusrah and allied Islamist factions battled regime forces in al-Nabek in Reef Dimashq. Over 400 people have reportedly been killed during fighting in Syria since Nov. 28, many of them in Ghouta and Qalamoun. ISIS […]


The al Furqan Brigades claimed responsibility for a number of recent shooting attacks on Egyptian security personnel. Three Islamist militants were reportedly killed during operations in North Sinai. Authorities dispersed an authorized protest in Cairo. The army received a variety of weaponry from residents in the country’s western region, including Grad rockets. The committee working […]

Palestinian Territories

Senior Hamas official Mousa Abu Marzouk said Israel would regret a new operation against Hamas in Gaza. Palestinian Authority security forces reportedly detained two Hamas members in the West Bank. Due to economic constraints, Hamas said it has been forced to cancel and limit events for its 26th anniversary rallies in Gaza. A Hamas delegation […]


Police filed charges against one of two people accused of posting online threats against poet Yahya Hassan, who has criticized Islamist culture in Denmark. Six of 27 reported threats were investigated; charges against the other suspect were dropped.

United States

The US continued to reject China’s claim to disputed territory over the East China Sea, but urged US commercial airlines to comply with China’s demands for notification of any flights through its newly declared air defense zone. The US offered to destroy Syria’s chemical weapons aboard a ship at sea; a US naval vessel is […]


Disillusionment Grows Among Syrian Opposition as Fighting Drags On


The Taliban executed three suicide attacks: in Kabul, a member of parliament and his bodyguard were seriously wounded; in Helmand, three intelligence officers were killed; and in Kandahar, a child was killed in an attack on a US convoy. ISAF is investigating an airstrike in Helmand that killed a Taliban commander and a child.


“Gunmen” dressed in Iraqi military uniforms abducted 18 Sunni men from their homes in Meshahda, just north of Baghdad, and then executed them. Security officials blamed the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant for the operation.


The Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham, the Al Nusrah Front, and Islamic battalions clashed with regime forces in Reef Dimashq. ISIS, Al Nusrah, and rebel battalions attacked military residential facilities in Aleppo. ISIS and Al Nusah also attacked Kurdish YPG checkpoints in Aleppo. Al Nusrah, Ahrar al Sham, Jaish al Islam issued a […]


A military court dropped terrorism charges filed against a former colonel in the Syrian Army who had defected with his family to Tripoli. Salafist Sheikh Dai al-Islam al-Shahhal and his followers blocked a border crossing into Syria to protest the recent arrest of Islamist leader Abdel-Qader Abdel-Fattah by army intelligence. Tripoli-based Islamist preacher Sheikh Omar […]


More than 200 people were arrested for participating in illegal protests. President Mansour said he would consider pardoning the Islamist women recently sentenced for protesting in support of the Muslim Brotherhood. Authorities reportedly arrested a main suspect in the killing of national security officer Mohammed Mabrouk. Authorities discovered a number of mines and mortars near […]


Hamas skips anniversary events due to Gaza fuel crisis


IDF’s Druse battalion prepares for its next clash with Hezbollah


Dozens of firms interested in destroying Syrian chemicals: OPCW sources


The UN Security Council approved plans to deploy an armed force of up to 235 including support staff to protect the 200 members of the UN Mission in Tripoli. An official in Benghazi asked for a special force to guard antiquities due to the absence of security in sensitive areas.


After a flareup of violence in Kidal, the separatist Tuareg Azawad group, consisting of the MNLA, MAA, and HCUA, ended its ceasefire with the government. The International Red Cross said conflict in the north is depriving most Malians in the area of access to health services. Cheibani Ould Hama, a Malian member of al Qaeda […]


In Egypt, university campuses emerge as the latest battleground

United Kingdom

Two accused killers of a British soldier in Woolwich have denied murder charges. Prosecutors and witnesses told a court that Michael Adebolajo a.k.a. Mujaahid Abu Hamza and Michael Adebowale a.k.a. Ismail Ibn Abdullah ran over the unarmed soldier from behind, then stabbed and attempted to decapitate him. During the incident, the suspects ignored protests from […]