Monthly Archives: November 2013


Security forces killed a Taliban district governor and seven fighters in Herat, and killed four more fighters and captured five more in Wardak. The Pakistani military fired 38 missiles into Kunar.


Iran Nuclear Deal Raises Fears of Proliferation Among Arab States


Foreign Minister Zarif said Iran will never participate in talks with Israel. Iran’s ambassador to Turkey noted that cooperation has improved between the Iranian intelligence and security services and Turkey’s National Intelligence Organisation, and said Iran has offered to help Turkey mend ties with Syria.


The Al Nusrah Front and rebels clashed with regime forces in Maaloula in an attempt to retake the town. Al Nusrah and allied Islamist factions battled regime forces in al-Nabek in Reef Dimashq. Over 400 people have reportedly been killed during fighting in Syria since Nov. 28, many of them in Ghouta and Qalamoun. ISIS […]


The al Furqan Brigades claimed responsibility for a number of recent shooting attacks on Egyptian security personnel. Three Islamist militants were reportedly killed during operations in North Sinai. Authorities dispersed an authorized protest in Cairo. The army received a variety of weaponry from residents in the country’s western region, including Grad rockets. The committee working […]

Palestinian Territories

Senior Hamas official Mousa Abu Marzouk said Israel would regret a new operation against Hamas in Gaza. Palestinian Authority security forces reportedly detained two Hamas members in the West Bank. Due to economic constraints, Hamas said it has been forced to cancel and limit events for its 26th anniversary rallies in Gaza. A Hamas delegation […]


Police filed charges against one of two people accused of posting online threats against poet Yahya Hassan, who has criticized Islamist culture in Denmark. Six of 27 reported threats were investigated; charges against the other suspect were dropped.