ISIS launches another suicide assault in Anbar

Al Qaeda’s Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham (or Levant) conducted yet another complex suicide assault on Iraqi security forces. Today’s attack, which was executed by two suicide bombers and a team of fighters, was carried out in the Iraqi city of Fallujah in Anbar province. From The Associated Press:

One bomber detonated his explosives-laden belt at the main checkpoint outside the Fallujah police headquarters, while the second blew himself up near the building gates as security forces engaged in a shootout with other gunmen, the official said.

Later, the gunmen fled to an electricity department building nearby, taking two policemen and two guards hostage, the official said. Security forces clashed with the gunmen for several hours until they killed two militants and arrested three others. The hostages were freed.

Just yesterday, the ISIS deployed eight suicide bombers against a local council and police station in Rawa in Anbar. As noted yesterday at LWJ, the ISIS has not had difficulty in recruiting and deploying suicide bombers in either Iraq or Syria. Since Oct. 1, the ISIS has used 22 suicide bombers in Iraq.

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  • Joel says:

    Sort of puts to rest the argument that the US “occupation” was what drove these zealots to carry out their attacks. Not that this idea wasn’t discredited long ago.

  • Slow POKEY says:

    We all get tired of hearing about the insanity that seems to be so prevalent in the Islamic world. “”the ISIS has not had difficulty in recruiting and deploying suicide bombers in either Iraq or Syria”” After all that we [and others] have paid in blood and treasure I was sure hoping to see the more “Intelligent” segment of Iraq would be able to build something we could all be proud of.


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