Monthly Archives: July 2013


The military claimed it recaptured 349 of the 559 prisoners who escaped from Abu Ghraib during a complex al Qaeda in Iraq-led jailbreak; the military also said another 105 were killed during clashes. Al Qaeda in Iraq claimed credit for yesterday’s bombings in Baghdad, Basrah, and Al Kut.

Saudi Arabia

A court sentenced Raif Badawi, who founded the ‘Free Saudi Liberals’ website to discuss the role of religion in Saudi Arabia, to 600 lashes and seven years in prison for criticizing the religious police and allegedly advocating “religious liberalization.” Authorities in Jazan seized weapons and ammunition smuggled into the country. A senior Saudi cleric recently […]


US auditor finds taxpayer money flowing to Taliban, Al Qaeda – but Army refuses to act


The US killed a Saudi and two Yemeni al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula operatives in a drone strike in Shabwa province. A Saudi diplomat claimed that Iran is smuggling weapons to Shia Houthi rebels via the neighboring country of Oman.


A powerful car bomb outside the Radisson hotel in Tripoli was defused last night after a telephone tipoff. Three separate car bomb attacks in Benghazi killed a special forces officer and injured a Navy colonel, a senior security officer, and a civilian. A new head of the Petroleum Facilities Guard was appointed; Prime Minister Zeidan […]


The Interior Minister offered to resign, and Tunisia’s largest labor union called for the dissolution of the government. The ruling Islamist Ennahda party said it was willing to form a unity government but not to dissolve the constituent assembly. The government in emergency session yesterday urged the return of over 60 members of the constituent […]


Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb killed four soldiers in two separate attacks. A captain was gunned down in Kabylie, while three soldiers were killed in an IED attack in Meziraa.


White House backed release of Lockerbie bomber Abdel Baset al-Megrahi


After meeting with former president Morsi, the EU’s Catherine Ashton said he is doing well. Turkey’s ambassador to Cairo was summoned by the foreign ministry to be told that recent comments by Turkish officials on the situation in Egypt “exceeded all diplomatic traditions and mutual respect.” At least two conscripts were injured in new attacks […]

Palestinian Territories

Palestinian Islamic Jihad’s Ramadan Shallah denounced ongoing talks between Israeli and Palestinian officials in Washington. President Abbas said he is opposed to the establishment of a free trade zone between Gaza and Egypt, which Hamas has repeatedly requested. Human Rights Watch called on the Palestinian Authority to investigate recent actions by PA security forces during […]


In Egypt, security state is resurrected after provoking fear in 2011 revolution


Security forces detained 42 suspected Boko Haram fighters during raids in the states of Lagos and Ogun. Intelligence indicates that Boko Haram is moving some of its fighters to the south. Armed militias, supported by the military, continue to patrol Maiduguri in an attempt to protect neighborhoods from Boko Haram.


Foreign Minister Fabius called for the release of Egyptian political prisoners, including former president Morsi. A well-known French-Tunisian jihadist, Boubakeur Hakim, is being sought as the number one suspect in the assassinations two leading Tunisian politicians.


Lashkar Ab’ad: Iran’s Unexplained Laser Enrichment Capabilities