Monthly Archives: October 2012


The Taliban killed eight civilians in an IED attack in Helmand. Two Taliban fighters in Baghlan died in a premature detonation while planting an IED. Security forces killed five Taliban fighters in Faryab. The head of the Independent Election Commission said the Taliban can run for president.


“Gunmen” killed two government workers in Baghdad and two construction workers in Mosul. Security forces arrested four members of a weapons smuggling cell in Thi Qhar.


Government forces continued intensive air bombardments across the country. Rebels countered by attacking air and artillery bases. Rebels formed a brigade of Palestinians in Damascus to fight Palestinians allied with the government. Over 36,000 Syrians have been killed in the past 19 months.


Israel has concluded that Iran has pulled back from building a nuclear weapon. By converting some of its enriched uranium to civilian use, Iran has delayed building a bomb by 8 to 10 months.


A pipeline transporting liquefied natural gas to the Balhaf terminal was bombed. Yemen’s former ambassador to Syria said that country was used as a conduit for Iran to foment unrest in Yemen.


Shabaab killed four people in a hand grenade attack in Kismayo, and claimed it killed 38 Ethiopian soldiers in an IED attack in Owdinle. Three people were killed as Shabaab and government forces clashed near Baidoa.


One person was killed and three more were wounded after police clashed with Salafists in Tunis. The Salafists were rioting over the arrest of one of their own who is accused of attacking the head of a suburb’s public security brigade.