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All in a word: Burma’s rulers tell Suu Kyi not to call it Burma


Ansar Dine and the Movement of Oneness and Jihad claimed they were in full control of northern Mali one day after clashes with the Tuaregs from the National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad in Gao. Twenty people were killed in the fighting.


Canada and the US issued a joint statement of privacy principles on the exchange of information regarding persons and cargo crossing their borders. Under the agreement, more information will be shared between the two countries, and either country can release information obtained about border crossings to a third country, subject to certain safeguards.


Pakistan – Jamaat-e Islami rally for expressing solidarity with Burmese Muslims today

United States

A jury convicted Saudi student Khalid Ali Aldawsari of attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction; he faces a possible life term in prison. His intended “jihad” included blowing up dams, nuclear power plants, and the home of former US President George W. Bush. The US added China and Singapore to its list of […]


The Taliban released a video of the beheading of 17 Pakistani soldiers. The Lashkar-e-Islam killed eight Pakistani soldiers in an IED attack in Khyber. Twenty Pakistanis traveling to Iran were killed in a bus bombing in Quetta.


Security forces killed 12 Taliban fighters in Uruzgan; the Taliban denied the report. The Taliban killed two ISAF soldiers in the east.


Insurgents killed 22 Iraqis in a series of bombings and shooting in Baghdad, Taji, Samarra, Baqubah, and Ramadi. The attacks took place against security forces and in Shia neighborhoods.


Two powerful bombs exploded outside the Justice Ministry building in central Damascus. the UN’s Kofi Annan called for a national unity government. Russia said it would not support the plan.


Turkey reenforced its military forces along its border with Syria. However, Turkey said it had no intention of invading.


An Israeli military court found Hamas leader Ibrahim Hamed guilt of planning a string of suicide bomb attacks. Hamas accused Israel of assassinating one of its leaders, Kamal Husni Ghanaja.


Yemeni soldiers near Sana’a kidnapped a brigade commander after not being paid for three months. Security forces detained members of an al Qaeda cell responsible for the May 21 suicide attack in Sana’a that killed more than 100 soldiers. Security officials said that some AQAP fighters have fled to Oman.


Three people were killed after Shabaab forces ambushed a Somali and Ethiopian military convoy in Goof-Gaduud near Baidoa. Shabaab claimed it killed 23 Kenyan soldiers in an ambush two days ago in Haluqa.


More than 20 people were killed as the Movement of Oneness and Jihad clashed with the National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad (MNLA) in Gao. The Movement of Oneness and Jihad took control of the MNLA’s headquarters in Gao.


Egypt: Govt orders imams to decline invites to visit Iran


Iran: Mursi victory signals ‘Islamic awakening’ in region


Mali’s Timbuktu and Askia Tomb put on UNESCO danger list

United Kingdom

Counterterrorism police arrested two men in east London on suspicion of terrorist activity. The suspects, aged 18 and 32, are said to be British Muslim converts. One of the men, identified by an acquaintance as Jamal ud-Din, may be linked to an Islamist video that appeared on YouTube last year.