Monthly Archives: June 2012

United States

The US indicted Minh Quang Pham for assisting al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. Pham, who had traveled from the UK to Yemen to help with AQAP’s online propaganda and worked with an American there in 2011, is currently being held in the UK and will be extradited soon.


ISAF killed the Lashkar-e-Taiba’s leader in Kunar and several insurgents in an airstrike in the province. The Taliban killed four civilians and two policemen in bombings in Helmand and Paktia, and poisoned 53 schoolgirls in Sar-i-Pul.

Saudi Arabia

The United Nations Security Council will remove Saad al Faqih from the al Qaeda sanctions list tomorrow evening if none of the nations on the council object. Faqih was added to the US’s list of Specially Designated Global Terrorists in 2004 for ties to top al Qaeda leaders.

Iran Braces For Full Force Of EU Oil Embargo


The four aid workers who were kidnapped yesterday in the Dadaab refuge camp in northern Kenya include two Canadians, a Norwegian, and a Filipino. Shabaab is suspected of moving the foreign aid workers to Somalia.


The military is planning on deploying troops to Kano as Boko Haram attacks rise. Police detonated two bombs in the city of Jos.


Fighters from the al Qaeda-linked Islamist group Ansar Dine attacked ancient Sufi shrines with shovels and pickaxes in Timbuktu. An Ansar Dine spokesman said all of the shrines in the UNESCO-designated city would be destroyed. UNESCO is concerned about damage to world heritage sites in Timbuktu and Gao, which also is under Islamist control.


The condemned: A special report on Ahmadi persecution – coming soon


An estimated 20 Taliban fighters, 15 policemen, and four civilians were killed after the Taliban attacked two villages in Nuristan province. Three policemen and three Taliban fighters were killed in Kunar. The Taliban killed a district police chief, his wife, and daughter in Jawzjan.


Insurgents killed Iraqis in a series of bombings in Balad. To hedge against a possible Iranian attack on shipping in the Persian Gulf, Saudi Arabia reopened a pipeline built by Iraq in the 1980s.


Helicopter gunships attacked a strategic town in northern Syria. A large tank force massed near the Turkish boarder. Government forces shelled neighborhoods in Damascus, killing 43 people. While international diplomats prepared to meet in Geneva, President Assad rejected any external solution.


Shabaab said it is withdrawing from Jowhar without a fight as Somali and African Union forces advance from Balad. Security forces detained 11 suspected Shabaab fighters from Balad.

Taliban raid Nuristan district

Twenty Taliban fighters, six policemen, and four civilians are reported to have been killed in Kamdesh district. The Taliban claimed that 15 policemen were killed.


Shabaab fighters are suspected of killing a driver and kidnapping four aid workers at the Dadaab refugee camp in northern Kenya. The gunmen took the aid workers towards the Somali border.

Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb

Mukhtar Belmukhtar, a senior al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb military commander, is rumored to have been killed in fighting between Islamists and Tuareg rebels in northern Mali. The report has not been confirmed.