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August 31, 2007:

Taliban capture over 100 Pakistani soldiers in South Waziristan

August 30, 2007:

NATO airstrike kills Taliban Commander Mullah Berader

August 29, 2007:

Sadr calls for Mahdi Army ceasefire

JSS Mushada with the Manchus

August 28, 2007:

Pakistan: The Mohmand "peace" accord

August 27, 2007:

Projected ISF Five Year Plan (end-2012)

August 26, 2007:

Patrolling with the Manchus

August 25, 2007:

Riding with 4th Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division

August 24, 2007:

The eastern Afghanistan offensive

August 23, 2007:

The National Intelligence Estimate on Iraq and strategic redeployment

Operation Lightning Hammer in Diyala ends

Conducting the surge, one raid at a time

August 22, 2007:

The surge: Gunners on patrol

August 20, 2007:

Mahdi Army trains with Hezbollah

Pakistan releases senior al Qaeda operative

August 19, 2007:

Touring with Gen. Petraeus

August 18, 2007:

Battlefield Circulation Briefing with General Petraeus

August 17, 2007:

From Phantom Thunder to Phantom Strike

August 15, 2007:

Return to Tora Bora

Haifa Street: The day after

August 14, 2007:

Haifa Street and the Seventh Imam March

August 13, 2007:

Operation Lightning Hammer in Diyala

Coalition, Iraqi forces launch Operation Phantom Strike

August 11, 2007:

Pakistan: Concern over nukes as al Qaeda camps empty

August 9, 2007:

Task Force Warhorse: Classical counterinsurgency on Haifa Street

Iraqi implications of Turkish parliamentary elections

August 8, 2007:

US, Iraqi forces kill 30 Iranian-backed Special Groups operatives

August 7, 2007:

Pakistan strikes two al Qaeda camps in North Waziristan

August 3, 2007:

Pakistan and the Taliban insurgency

August 2, 2007:

Iraqi Security Forces Order of Battle: August 2007 Update

Operations in Iraq's North; Mosul's emir killed

August 1, 2007:

Al Qaeda leader calls for the overthrow of Pakistan's Musharraf


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