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Al Qaeda branches eulogize slain Egyptian jihadist

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb have issued eulogies for Hammam Attiyah, who led Ajnad Misr until his death earlier this month. Little is known about Attiyah, but the eulogies are a significant indication that Ajnad Misr operates as part of al Qaeda’s international network.

Militants kill police officers in Cairo and Alexandria

A senior police officer was assassinated in Cairo, and another officer died in a clash with militants near Alexandria. The Pentagon plans to deliver Apache helicopters to Egypt to help “counter extremists who threaten US, Egyptian, and Israeli security.”

Ajnad Misr, Egypt’s latest jihadist group

The group, which has thus far limited its attacks to the Cairo area, has been described as “our brothers” by Ansar Jerusalem. Jihadists have increasingly promoted Ajnad Misr’s material in recent days.