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Indonesian authorities arrested Joko Daryono, alias Thoyib, for his role as treasurer for the terror-sponsor organization Jamaah Ansharut Tauhid. Founded by the radical Islamist cleric Abu Bakar Bashir, JAT is responsible for funding and assisting terror groups based in Aceh.

Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb

Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb has demanded that “any negotiations must be done with Osama bin Laden and according to his conditions” for the release of five French nationals abducted in Niger. An audio with the voice of suspected AQIM leader Abu Mossab Abdelouadoud calls for the withdrawal of all French coalition forces in […]


Suspected Boko Haram members killed a Nigerian soldier and wounded another in Borno state. The two soldiers were eating at a restaurant in Maiduguri when men armed with Kalashnikov rifles fired at the soldiers from their motorbike.


Viktor Bout, the infamous Russian arms dealer that supplied weapons to the Taliban and African rebel groups throughout the 90s, has been extradited to New York to stand trial. Russia has berated the US and Thailand’s government for it’s “blatant injustice” in regard to Bout, whom they insist is an innocent victim. Bout faces a […]


Muslim insurgents in north Cotabato are suspected of killing one person and wounding two others in a bombing at a bus terminal. Suspected Abu Sayyaf Islamists kidnapped two teachers but released one shortly afterward in a nearby village in Basilan.


Radical cleric Eko Budi Wardoyo has been convicted and sentenced to 10 years in prison for his roles in the killing of a priest and in a market bombing in Sulawesi that killed 22 people. Wardoyo had provided funding and transport for the perpetrators of both the Sulawesi attacks, all of whom are serving prison […]


Tribesmen from Timbuktu have reportedly killed five Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb fighters in clashes in the north. The attack is being reported as retaliation for AQIM’s killing of an army lieutenant colonel as he left a mosque. The army only confirms the killing of one man in an attempted arrest of an AQIM […]


Authorities have begun to deport over 700 immigrants in the north that they suspect could be susceptible to recruitment by Boko Haram. The security crackdown caused by fears of immigrants joining Boko Haram has led the government to expel migrants back to Chad, Niger, and Cameroon.