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A Lashkar-i-Jhangvi suicide bomber killed at least 28 Shia Hazara, including a number of women, near a Shia congregation hall in Quetta. A car bomb attack on a Frontier Corps convoy on the outskirts of Peshawar killed at least 18 civilians, and injured nine FC members and 46 civilians. A roadside bomb in North Waziristan […]


Iran confirmed the arrest of several Slovak paragliders suspected of espionage. The seven Slovaks were arrested for allegedly photographing Iranian military sites sometime in the past few weeks.


Twelve soccer players and fans were killed in a bombing at a match in Nahrawan. Al Qaeda kidnapped and executed an Awakening leader, and then stuffed his corpse with explosives. Security forces captured an al Qaeda leader in Mosul and seven members of a cell in Nukhaib.


Authorities announced that in recent weeks a number of terror attacks emanating from the West Bank have been thwarted. The Air Force is preparing to form its first squadron of Super Hercules C-130J transport aircraft, which it will receive from the United States.


Millions took to the streets to protest against President Morsi. Numerous clashes between supporters of Morsi and the opposition were reported throughout the country. The ongoing demonstrations in Egypt have played in a role in decreasing smuggling between Egypt and Gaza. A gunman was killed in the Sinai during a clash with authorities.


Senators urge Obama to get tough on Russia, Ecuador over Snowden


Sinai: Implications of the Security Challenges for Egypt and Israel: Egyptian Discourse on the Social Networks, June 2013