Monthly Archives: February 2013

United States

Secretary of State Kerry said the US will send food and medicine, as well as $60 million for basic services such as education and sanitation, directly to the Syrian Opposition Coalition. The US already is providing $50 million in indirect help to the rebels. Some of the new aid will go directly to the Free […]


The military killed eight “militants” in airstrikes in Arakzai. “Gunmen” killed a journalist in North Waziristan. The Taliban bombed four schools in Mohmand.


The Taliban killed eight policemen and two civilians in an IED attack in Kunar. Security forces killed a senior Haqqani Network attack facilitator in Logar.


The Assassination of Iranian Quds Force General Hassan Shateri in Syria


Once a curiosity, captured tanks a growing part of Syrian rebels’ arsenal


Key military players fighting Syria’s civil war


Egypt’s army tiptoes through democracy’s minefield


Qatar’s influence in Egypt runs deeper than its pockets