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NATO said the four Patriot missile batteries supplied by Germany and the Netherlands for the protection of Turkey along its Syrian border are operational, and that the two remaining batteries will come under NATO control within days. Turkey’s opposition parties have claimed the missiles are intended to defend a NATO radar base in Turkey.


Chinese Hackers Infiltrate New York Times Computers


The advanced Syrian weapons that have the IDF worried


Hamas plans more “enemy language” Hebrew in Gaza schools


UK’s Cameron visits Algeria, unveils security partnership following hostage crisis


Day after Alleged Sabotage at Fordow: Hardly the Expected Emergency Response


Families of servicemen killed in attack to get Iran money


Exclusive: Iran crude oil exports rise to highest since EU sanctions


Arab nations, U.S. pledge hundreds of millions for Syria crisis

Al Qaeda

Clinton: Benghazi was my greatest regret as secretary of state


Insurgents killed an Iraqi soldier in an IED attack in the Fallujah area. Security forces captured an al Qaeda leader in Fallujah and 10 “gunmen” linked to al Qaeda and Ansar al Sunnah in Kirkuk.

Al Qaeda

Despite early successes, fight against extremists in Mali to be protracted


Iran Cracks Down on Journalists Ahead of Elections


Israeli jets bombed a convoy near Syria’s border with Lebanon. The convoy, believed to destined for Hezbollah, was carrying antiaircraft missiles but apparently not chemical weapons.


Ferocious battle for strategic suburb could hold the keys to Damascus


Iran calls for Muslim countries to patrol Gulf


Syria opposition chief says ready for talks with regime


Both rebels and the government accused each other of the execution-style massacre of more than 100 people in Aleppo. The head of the rebel coalition said he was willing to hold talks with representatives of the Assad regime.


Secular and Islamic groups met to try to defuse the political crisis. Protesters in Cairo rejected prosecutors’ decision to arrest members of the Black Bloc group on terrorism charges. Islamist parties said Black Bloc members must be killed.

Saudi Arabia

The sheikh of the tribe to which al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula deputy emir Said al Shihri belonged said the tribe would not bury the AQAP leader. Al Shihri’s father is said to have “disowned him after he walked in the path of terrorism.”


Fighting in Maneseeh between the Yemeni military and al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula has stopped as mediators attempt to negotiate the release of three European hostages. Two intelligence officers were wounded in drive-by shootings in Hadramout.


A witness claimed that six security personnel were killed in yesterday’s blast outside of the prime minister’s home in Mogadishu. The World Food Program began distributing aid in Kismayo for the first time in four years.


‘Don’t Forget Your Photo Albums!’: The Flight of Syria’s Middle Classes


The government deployed special combat forces to areas near the Algerian and Libyan borders to protect Tunisia’s oil and gas fields from terrorist attacks. Salafists continued their attacks on Sufi shrines, ransacking and desecrating the mausoleum of Sidi Ben Naji in Gafsa and the mausoleum of Sidi Baghdadi in Monastir, one day after the government […]