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Iran, Israel and Their Red Lines Over Syria


Egypt’s rival factions, the secular National Salvation Front and the Islamic Muslim Brotherhood, met and pledged to counter the political violence that has killed nearly 60 people in the last week. Eighteen suspects were arrested for belonging to the ‘Black Bloc’ group.


Biden and Donilon preparing for new nuclear discussions with Russia


What we know about the Israeli air strike in Syria


Sanctioning Iran: Analyzing the Response from China, Japan and South Korea


Syrian allies Russia, Iran, and Hezbollah denounced Israel’s attack on a Syrian convoy. Syria protested to the UN and threatened to retaliate. The US warned Syria against transferring weapons to Hezbollah.


Chinese Hackers Targeted Wall Street Journal Computers


Shabaab claimed credit for the Jan. 29 suicide attack outside of the prime minister’s home in Mogadishu. Shabaab claimed that seven security officers, including three senior figures, were killed in the blast.