Monthly Archives: December 2012


Unconfirmed reports claim heavy clashes between Syrian and Jordanian military forces occurred overnight near the Ramtha border crossing. The mutilated bodies of 30 people who had been tortured were found dumped in the Barzeh neighborhood of Damascus. Syrian forces are now conducting counterstrikes following their seizure of a contested neighborhood in Homs.


A senior church pastor of the Nigerian Church of the Brethren announced that around 50 of their churches had been burnt and at least 109 members had been killed in northern Nigeria since the insurrection by Boko Haram began. A former president of Nigeria predicted that the existence of Boko Haram will soon come to […]


Six people were wounded in the bombing of two buses on a road near Isulan in Mindanao; there are currently no suspects. Moro Island Liberation Front insurgents have been observing a ceasefire since the signing of a preliminary peace deal in October.


Libya – Former revolutionaries joining state institutions


The Taliban executed 21 policemen after capturing them in an operation several days ago in Peshawar. Nineteen people were killed in a bombing in Mastung; the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi is suspected of carrying out the IED attack.


The body of a Georgian soldier who has been missing since Dec. 18 has been found; he appears to have been tortured. The Taliban killed an ISAF soldier in an IED attack in the south, and killed one person and destroyed 11 NATO oil tankers in Nangarhar.