Monthly Archives: November 2012


Fighting continued around the Damascus airport. The government said the route to the airport had been reopened, but the airport remained closed. The Internet outage continued for a second day.


Mursi takes on judges in battle over Egypt’s future


Tens of thousands of demonstrators returned to Cairo’s Tahrir Square for a third day. Demonstrators protested against a new draft constitution as well as President Morsi’s new powers.


Government forces launched over 15 operations against the Kurdistan Communities Union, the alleged urban wing of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), detaining at least 87 people and arresting 34, including the deputy mayor of Iğdır province. Turkish forces killed eight PKK militants in Hakkari.


The Foreign Ministry called on Libyan citizens living abroad to refrain from attacking Libyan embassies. The 12 alleged homosexuals picked up by an Islamist militia are said to have suffered injuries at the hands of the militia.


Mali Islamists whip unmarried couples in public