Monthly Archives: July 2012

United States

A federal magistrate judge in New York determined that al Qaeda, the Taliban, and Iran owe relatives of 9/11 victims $6 billion in payment of damages in a suit brought by the families of 47 victims. Shaker Masri, from Chicago, pled guilty to charges that he tried to join Shabaab.


Nine Taliban fighters were killed in a tribal uprising against the group in the Muqur district in Ghazni. Security forces killed several Taliban fighters in an airstrike in Muqur in Ghazni, and a Haqqani network commander involved in suicide attacks in Paktia.


Twelve Iraqis, including seven policemen, were killed in a suicide attack and a car bombing in Baghdad; two more Iraqis were killed in a car bombing north of Fallujah. Security forces detained 20 “terrorists” in Diwaniyah.


Fighting between government and rebel forces continued in Aleppo. Rebels attacked a military court and an air force intelligence headquarters. Turkey reenforced its border with Syria. Jordan prepared for an influx of refugees.


Afghanistan’s Neighbours Seek to Disrupt Development Projects, APPF Chief Says


Eight people were killed as tribesmen loyal to former President Saleh clashed with security forces at the Interior Ministry in Sana’a. Security forces captured a wanted al Qaeda leader who was behind attacks in Sana’a. AQAP fighters in Lahj surrendered to the government.


A soldier was killed in an IED attack in Mogadishu. Shabaab claimed it killed three Kenyan policemen in an ambush in Mandera, just across the Somali border. A tribal elder and his son were gunned down in Galkayo.


“Gunmen” opened fire on Vice President Namadi Sambo’s home in Zaria in Kaduna state. A civilian was killed as police and the attackers fought outside the home.


A security official said Hezbollah is suspected in the recent suicide bombing of a bus in Burqas. Bulgaria’s former intelligence chief said his country has had “very concrete information that organizations like Hezbollah and structures connected to Al Qaeda … were ready to prepare attacks” since 2006.

United Kingdom

Ayan Hadi, the wife of suspected terrorist Richard Dart, was charged with withholding information about acts of terrorism. Dart and two other men face charges relating to travel to Pakistan for terrorism training. Radical cleric Abu Qatada was denied release on bail.


The Taliban killed a judge in a bombing inside a mosque in Uruzgan, and killed three policemen in Nangarhar. The Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction said that the Afghanistan Infrastructure Fund, a vital counterinsurgency project, is likely to fall well short of its goals.

Ex-Guantanamo detainee surrenders to Saudis

Sayegh.JPGAn ex-Gitmo detainee named Adnan al Sayegh has reportedly turned himself into Saudi authorities. Al Sayegh was a member of al Qaeda’s 55th Arab Brigade, which fought alongside the Taliban in pre-9/11 Afghanistan. He joined al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula after his release from Guantanamo.


Police said government forces are prevailing over militants after clashes broke out in Gorno-Badakhshan province following the murder of an intelligence official. Toyib Ayombekov, a former warlord who leads the militant group, is still being sought. The opposition Islamic Revival party claims one of its leaders was killed by government forces.


Indian authorities concluded that the Iran’s Revolutionary Guards were responsible for an attack on an Israeli diplomat in New Delhi in February. Supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei said Iran should reduce its reliance on oil exports. Iran warned Arab states not to support Syrian rebels.


Lebanon concerned that Syrian conflict could spill over and upend sectarian balance