Monthly Archives: July 2012

United States

A federal magistrate judge in New York determined that al Qaeda, the Taliban, and Iran owe relatives of 9/11 victims $6 billion in payment of damages in a suit brought by the families of 47 victims. Shaker Masri, from Chicago, pled guilty to charges that he tried to join Shabaab.


Nine Taliban fighters were killed in a tribal uprising against the group in the Muqur district in Ghazni. Security forces killed several Taliban fighters in an airstrike in Muqur in Ghazni, and a Haqqani network commander involved in suicide attacks in Paktia.


Twelve Iraqis, including seven policemen, were killed in a suicide attack and a car bombing in Baghdad; two more Iraqis were killed in a car bombing north of Fallujah. Security forces detained 20 “terrorists” in Diwaniyah.


Fighting between government and rebel forces continued in Aleppo. Rebels attacked a military court and an air force intelligence headquarters. Turkey reenforced its border with Syria. Jordan prepared for an influx of refugees.