Islamic State of Iraq claims suicide bombing on Shiite Endowment

Al Qaeda in Iraq’s political front, the Islamic State of Iraq, claimed credit for the June 4 suicide attack in Baghdad that targeted the Shiite Endowment and killed 26 people. The terror group released a statement today on jihadist web forums. A portion of the statement, which was translated by the SITE Intelligence Group, is below:

We say to the Safavid [Shi’ites]: This is the first message delivered to you with the color of blood, the smell of death, and a sound that deafens your ears, and what will come to you, Allah permitting, will be greater and more damaging. So, receive tidings of that which will bad for you. The certain news is what you see and not what you hear…

AQI spokesman spokesman Abu Muhammad al ‘Adnani has advocated the targeting of Iraq Shias as recently as the end of February [see Threat Matrix report, Al Qaeda in Iraq rails at Shias, claims deadly attacks].

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  • Tony Buzan says:

    Do these Shia have a bulls eye on their backs?

  • Tony Buzan says:

    Shia slaughter is a big deal in Pakistan, on a regular basis.
    The Zawahiri approach?

  • Peter says:

    Isn’t this what will happen also in Syria? If these madmen win power in Syria they will slaughter Shia. And if they do not win? They will still slaughter Shia (and everybody who is not fundamentalist Sunni. Just look at Pakistan!).


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