Yearly Archives: 2011


Four people were killed in a bombing at a mosque in Maiduguri. The Army has accused the al Qaeda linked Boko Haram of carrying out the attack.

Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb

Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb announced the death of Abu Khabbab Abdulhaq al Qamari, a military commander and longtime jihadist. Qamari “participated in numerous large operations that shook the castles of the apostates….”


Turkey expresses regret over air strike that killed 35 Kurds


Pakistani girl brought to US for treatment ‘disfigured by her own nation’s military’


US ‘deeply concerned’ after Egypt raids NGO offices


Hamas official calls for halt on attacks against Israel


India – ‘Stop sending terrorists, will pull back guns’

Closing Strait of Hormuz not so easy for Iran: analysts


India rejects Pakistan’s proposal to move artillery from LoC


Pakistani authorities arrested six TTP terrorists during raids outside Islamabad. Four wanted terror suspects, including a leader of Lashkar-i-Jhangvi, have been captured. In two separate shootings in the Peshawar area on Tuesday, an intelligence official and a policeman were killed.


US forces completely evacuated their bases in northern Panjshir province. An Afghan soldier shot and killed two French troops in Kapisa. Ten Afghan Local Police were killed in a roadside bombing in the Nad-e-Ali district of Helmand. US forces seized 12,000 pounds of homemade explosives in Kandahar.


Turkey’s air force attacked what it thought were Kurdish rebel targets near the country’s border with Iraq, killing 35 people, but officials later admitted that those killed were probably smugglers mistaken for guerrillas. Turkish officials called the incident an “unfortunate operational accident.”


A Chechen man and his sister were imprisoned after a Russian court convicted them of recruiting would-be suicide bombers to carry out a terrorist attack in Moscow in 2009. Security forces destroyed an insurgent bomb cache in Dagestan earlier this week.


Prime Minister Najib Mikati said there was no evidence that al Qaeda militants were operating in Lebanon. A blast ripped through a restaurant frequented by tourists and UN peacekeepers in Tyre, drawing wide condemnation from officials and prompting some restaurants in the city to cancel New Year’s Eve events.

Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb

Mauritania issued an international warrant for the arrest of Moustapha Ould Limam Chavi, an opponent of President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz, for supporting terror groups in the Sahel region. Three other Mauritanian nationals, Hamada Ould Mohamed Kheirou, Elhacen Ould Khlil, and Vawaz Ould Ahmed, believed to be influential members of Al Qaeda in the Islamic […]


Heavy clashes between Shabaab and AMISOM peacekeepers erupted in Mogadishu, resulting in casualties to both sides. A disgruntled former employee shot at least two international workers from the aid group Doctors Without Borders in Mogadishu. Somali pirates are steering the hijacked Italian vessel Enrico Levoli toward the Somali coast.