Yearly Archives: 2011


Security forces arrested an Abu Sayyaf fighter thought to be involved in the beheading of 11 members of the Philippine Marines and the kidnapping of American tourists. The suspect, Boy Abdulphata, who is known as Boy Phata, was nabbed by a joint military and police operation in Kumaralang village, Isabela City in the province of […]


The commander of the Revolutionary Guard Corps backed away from recent threats to close Strait of Hormuz. Iran postponed long-range missile tests and signaled it was ready to reopen talks on its nuclear program. The US imposed further sanctions on financial institutions that deal with Iran.


Taliban mastering modern technology to circulate message


The Taliban killed two soldiers in a bombing in North Waziristan and two children in a bombing that targeted an anti-Taliban tribal leader in Landi Kotal.


AP Exclusive: US sets up new grassroots counter-extremism unit in Pakistan