Suicide bombers captured in Afghan border town trained in Quetta

Afghan police in the border town of Spin Boldak have captured three suicide bombers (two Pakistanis and an Afghan) who trained in Quetta. From TOLOnews:

Three would-be-suicide bombers were arrested in Spinboldak district in southern Kandahar province, provincial officials said on Tuesday.

Kandahar Governor Toryalai Weesa said the would-be-suicide bombers were arrested by border police forces while crossing into Afghanistan from Pakistan.

Two of the suicide bombers are Pakistanis and one other is Afghan, Governor Weesa said.

“They were detained in Spinboldak bordering area while crossing into Afghanistan,” Governor Weesa said.

A top provincial security official in Kandahar province said the would-be-suicide bombers are around 15 years old and had been trained in Quetta city of Pakistan.

“They were trained in a religious school in Quetta which is run by Mullah Abdul Rahim. They were told they would make it to paradise if they blew themselves up,” a senior provincial security official in Kandahar, Abdul Razaq, said.

The three suicide bombers passed through the Pakistani border city of Chaman before entering Afghanistan. Chaman serves as a forward command and control center for Mullah Zakir, the former Gitmo detainee who leads the Taliban’s military council as well as the Mullah Dadullah Front, a faction closely linked to al Qaeda that has executed the high-profile suicide attacks in the south.

One of the major blindspots that exists in policy circles in DC as well as in the media is the hyper-focus on North Waziristan as the wellspring for terror activity in the region.

As noted in the Threat Matrix report, Pakistan squashes US bid to expand Predator campaign, the Taliban and allied terror groups have an extensive network throughout Pakistan. The detention of the suicide bombers who were trained in Quetta, and not North Waziristan, serves as a reminder of that.

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  • Neonmeat says:

    I find this interesting as after reading the article featured yesterday on The Threat Matrix:
    Fedayeen-e-Islam boasts 1,000 suicide bombers trained in North Waziristan camps
    Read more: //
    I began to ponder just how many young men there were in Waziristan who want to blow themselves up in the name of Islam, and on how long this supply could last without the youth becoming disenheartened and demoralised or just running out there need to be some men around to make more if you know what I mean!, of course there are crazies everywhere!

  • Paul D says:

    Its all about getting them young,brainwashing them that the infidels are evil and killing Gods Chosen people.This us and them mentality they use against USA,India,Israel etc.If this is all you hear and get no other side of the story they grow up to hate infidels.
    I remember reading stories that young suicide bombers wished to kill infidels, go to Paradise and are then shocked when they realise the people who they are to kill inAfghan/Pakistan are Muslims.!


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