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  • Villiger says:

    Now i recognise that in that cartoon the Afghan is supposed to be Karzai. But who is the caricature of Pakistan supposed to be?
    The Wikileak i’d like to see is a statement or two or five or fifty of Kayani’s bank accounts in Switzerland, Dubai and Riyadh.
    That could change things around in that miserable country called Pakistan.

  • DANNY says:

    So what becomes of the world if we lose this war? Biden saying yesterday “we will leave by 2014 come hell or high water” What will High water or hell look like? Every time these nut jobs become embolden the world steps closer to the brink. So do we start Nuking them into oblivion or try and contain the world domination to just the East? Turkey is sliding fast… and they are pretty close to the western world. Iran will have nukes to share and will do everything to stop our oil driven economy. So we are falling into a pit that will bring about the fabled Armegidon. Besides they hate Izaak so much the are crazy blind! Not that that is such a bad thing, but a whole lot of us are going to die. They will cut our heads off you know? The long war, what a phrase. We have know about it for a Long time, just thought we could stop it. I am afraid we ain’t going to at this rate. Pakistan is doing a better job of Jihad that any one gives the credit for. Boy I wish the power that be would use the rapture as the tipping point and not losing the long war. hold on to your butts…

  • paul says:

    At least its becoming common knowlege that the true enemy in Afghanistan is Pakistan.
    As US paid Pakistan led Jihadis against the Russians in the 80’s I believe Chinese,Russian and Iranian Govt’s are paying Pakistan via the Jihadis to fight the Americans now.
    Which leaves me the question why are US paying the Pak Army when they are clearly the enemy?

  • Charu says:

    If you want more cartoons, Trudy Rubin channels a love note from Admiral Mullen to General Kayani in The Philadelphia Inquirer:
    Now THAT was hilarious… sad, but hilarious!
    In the meantime, China is shoveling money that we send them for worthless trinkets over to Pakistan (and North Korea and Iran). Nothing like throwing good money down the toilet, and the Chinese have learned this well from us. Too bad that we are indirectly financing this, but that’s OK since our grandchildren, who will have to pay, are busy learning Mandarin for the brave new world that awaits them.


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