Mustafa Abu Yazid eulogizes Baitullah


As Sahab, al Qaeda’s propaganda wing, has released a tape of Mustafa Abu Yazid, al Qaeda’s commander in Afghanistan, eulogizing Baitullah Mehsud, the former leader of the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan. The video is 8:22 long, and unfortunately does not have English subtitles. One part, from a partial transcript, stands out. Yazid notes al Qaeda’s movement into Pakistan’s tribal area of South Waziristan, the early Pakistan military offensives there, and Baitullah’s role in helping al Qaeda regain ground.

While some of Yazid’s statements are clearly propaganda (for instance al Qaeda never fully left the Wazir tribal areas, they returned after the Pakistani Army offensives in 2004 and 2005, and remain to this day; or the referrence to a ‘thousand Baitullahs’ rising after his death), the overall narrative is accurate.

One thing to point out: “the Wazir tribe in the Wana and Shikay areas” who, according to Yazid, originally hosted al Qaeda, is led by Mullah Nazir, the ‘pro-government Taliban leader’ against whom the Pakistan military refuses to act. Nazir still hosts al Qaeda; in fact, 27 percent of the al Qaeda high value targets killed during US Predator and Reapers airstrikes have been killed in Nazir’s tribal areas.

Yazid on Baitullah and hosting al Qaeda:

Amir Baitullah (may God have mercy on him) was a generous, strong, courageous, and noble person when it came to making decisions, especially the decision to host, aid, and shelter his migrating mujahidin brothers. It was he and the sons of his tribe (the generous heroes) who did that. Despite all the attacks, destruction, and killings by the hands of the apostate Pakistani Army in the Wazir tribe in the Wana and Shikay areas, who were first to host their migrating and mujahidin brothers (may God reward them), he did not stop hosting, aiding, and sheltering his migrating brothers. After they left the Shikay and Wana areas, and with the approval of the amir Baitullah, they headed to the Mehsud tribes. The sons of this strong tribe were ordered to open up their homes and hearts to their brothers. The apostate army did not give them time. After this hosting, the army began its unjust and criminal campaign on the Mehsud tribe. It began by shelling a Mehsud-run center for preparing the mujahidin, and 50 of the best men from the tribe were killed (may God have mercy on them). After these incidents, and after the withdrawal of the defeated and vanquished Pakistanis at the hands of the Mehsud, amir Baitullah (may God have mercy on him) and the sons of his tribe continued with their generosity towards the migrant mujahidin brothers. They continued to support, shelter, and aid them. This was a blessing from God on the migrant mujahidin and the supporters from the sons of the tribe. Souls, thoughts, goals, and ideologies were united, praise be to God. We bring glad tidings to the nation of Islam. Despite losing the hero Baitullah, thousands of the sons of the tribe are all Baitullah. They will take revenge on the criminal Americans and their apostate Pakistani supporters. Glad tidings to you America. Harm will be brought upon you. Baitullah laid down roots in his tribe that you will not be able to pull out.

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