Monthly Archives: August 2007


Over 100 regular army tropps have been captured in South Waziristan. The government is negotiating with Taliban commander Baitullah Mehsud for their release. Nine soldiers were killed and seven wounded in a series of attacks on checkpoints in Swat. Students of the Red Mosque demanded the mosque be reopened, as a cleric said he was […]


At least 12 Taliban were killed after ambushing an Afghan and British patrol in Musa Qala in Helmand province. Five ISAF soldiers, one Afghan soldier, and four civilians were wounded and two Afghan soldiers were killed in a suicide attack outside of Kabul’s international airport. Ten Afghan civilians were wounded in a rocket barrage at […]


A soldier was killed in fighting at the Nahr al Bared Palestinian camp as the military launched helicopter assaults on Fatah al Islam positions. President Lahoud threatened to install a military government if fueding political factions cannot reach an agreement.


Iraq hopes other armed groups will follow Sadr’s lead