October 2005 Archives

October 31, 2005:

Sa'ud, Syria and Security

Troops Numbers - Top Up, Draw Down, Overlap and FOB Closings

October 30, 2005:

An Interview with Colonel Davis

The Cicero Articles

October 29, 2005:

Strikes in Husaybah

The Iranian Problem Revisited

Anbar Journey Update

October 28, 2005:

Western Anbar Roundup

October 27, 2005:

Northern Exposure

October 26, 2005:

On the Pod

October 25, 2005:

The Palestinian Hotel; Selective Memory and Outrage

More Western Raids

Attack on the Palestine Hotel

October 24, 2005:

A Tale of Two Miqdadiyahs

October 23, 2005:

Back to the Ramadi Problem

Ops in Baghdad - National Unity

October 22, 2005:

Western Raids

October 21, 2005:

Iraq: Terrorist Training Ground, Killing Field, or Both?

October 19, 2005:

Securing the Syrian Border - An Unconventional Solution

October 18, 2005:

The Anbar Campaign - A Flash Presentation

October 17, 2005:

Assault on Camp Gannon Repelled; and River Gate Continues

The Ramadi Problem

October 16, 2005:

Back to the Syrian Border

October 15, 2005:

The Constitution Referendum, and the Not-So-Great Ramadan Offensive

October 14, 2005:

Election Day Eve in Iraq

Haditha, Haqlaniyah and Barwana - A Permanent Presence

October 13, 2005:

Sunni Divisions

Iraqi Security Forces Update

October 12, 2005:

River Gate Update - Day Nine

Dear Zarqawi: A Letter from Zawahiri, and a Constitutional Compromise

October 11, 2005:

al Qaeda and Iraqi Security Forces

October 10, 2005:

Recent Operations on the Euphrates

Week One of Saratoga

October 9, 2005:

River Gate Continues in Haqlaniyah

October 8, 2005:

The Former Islamic Republic of Haditha

Minutemen, Mosques and the Geneva Convention

October 7, 2005:

Iron Fist Ends - A Permanent Presence in Sa'dah

Training the Iraqi Army - Revisited, Again

October 6, 2005:

Iron Fist / River Gate Updates

River Gates

Operation Saratoga in North-Central Iraq

October 5, 2005:

AQIZ Org Chart - Take Two

Operation River Gate Update - Day Two

The Press Along the Euphrates

October 4, 2005:

Mountaineer Ends

Enter Operation River Gate

Iraqi Army in Ramadi - Operation Mountaineers

October 3, 2005:

Iron Fist - Day Three

The Fighting Moves to Karabilah

October 2, 2005:

Iron Fist IV - Day Two

Iron Fist III - Matador or Restoring Rights?

October 1, 2005:

Iron Fist Update

Operation Iron Fist Near Qaim


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