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al Qaeda and Iraqi Security Forces

al Qaeda continues its “Ramadan Offensive” of car bombings in an attempt to disrupt the upcoming election and sow defeatism in the heart of the American public. In an attack in Tal Afar, a suicide car bomber rams his vehicle into the center of an open market, killing thirty civilians and wounding forty-seven. Iraqi police […]

Recent Operations on the Euphrates

Created by Steve Schippert, Marvin Hutchens and Bill Roggio The following presentation details the current operations being conducted along the Euphrates River which began on October 1, and are still ongoing. The purposes of the operations are threefold: drive al Qaeda, the most dangerous and violent element of the insurgency from the region; establish the […]

Week One of Saratoga

Operation Saratoga, which is being conducted concurrently with operations along the Euphrates River, completes its first week. Saratoga is aimed at the hotspots along the Tigris River basin north and west of Baghdad. Over “175 raids and security missions” were executed, with twelve terrorists killed, eight wounded and 750 suspects taken into custody during operations. […]

River Gate Continues in Haqlaniyah

Haqlaniyah appears to be the focus of Coalition efforts at this stage of Operation River Gate. More weapons caches and improvised explosive devices are uncovered. A Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device (VBIED or car bomb) is discovered at a school in Haqlaniyah and destroyed by Coalition air support. Coalition Forces uncovered a weapons cache outside […]

The Former Islamic Republic of Haditha

Day five of Operations River Gate has ended. Coalition forces continue to clear the cities of Haditha, Haqlaniyah and Barwana. Over two hundred suspected insurgents have been captured, and seven have been reported killed since the operation began. Marines and soldiers are still encountering resistance. Two soldiers were killed during a firefight in Haqlaniyah. al […]

Minutemen, Mosques and the Geneva Convention

The jihadis continue to violate the laws of warfare. In Ramadi, insurgents used a school as an ammunitions depot. In Haditha, the “minutemen” used a mosque as a firing point and a shrine to store various weapons. CNN producer Arwa Damon, who is embedded with the 3rd Battalion 1st Marines, reports: According to Capt. James […]

Iron Fist Ends – A Permanent Presence in Sa’dah

Operation Iron Fist has ended, and is officially a clear & hold operation, as we predicted on day one. Captain Jeffrey Pool confirms this in his latest press release: Coalition Forces have established new outposts in Sa’dah in order to maintain a presence in the area. These positions will sustain ongoing operations to defeat the […]

Training the Iraqi Army – Revisited, Again

The issue of the number of “fully operational Iraqi Army units” has raised its ugly head yet again. The “news” that the number of “fully operational” Iraqi battalions dropped from three to one has created quite a stir in media and political circles, however the hyperventilation over this issue is misplaced. Iraqi Security Forces rated […]

Iron Fist / River Gate Updates

Iron Fist: Operation Iron Fist is in its sixth day, and Marines continue to engage the enemy in the region between Sada and Karabilah. Twenty nine terrorists are confirmed killed in three separate engagements. Two were killed by M1A1 Abrams tanks supporting infantry and seven were killed by “aviation assets” – likely F/A-18 fighter bombers […]

River Gates

The operations along the stretch of the Euphrates River from Qaim to Baghdad will not abate any time soon. Major General Rick Lynch has stated, “We’re going to fight our way to the [October 15] referendum, and we’re going to fight our way to the [December 15] election.” According to MG Lynch, there are over […]

Operation Saratoga in North-Central Iraq

While Coalition forces have been conducting concurrent operations – Iron Fist, River Gate, and Mountaineers in Anbar province, raids in Baghdad, and Restoring Rights in Ninawa province – the soldiers of Task Force Liberty and the 42nd Infantry Division, along side Iraqi Army and police forces, executed Operation Saratoga in the provinces of North-Central Iraq. […]

AQIZ Org Chart – Take Two

In May, counterterrorism expert Evan Kohlmann kindly allowed me to preview his organization chart for al Qaeda in Iraq. Mr. Kolhmann has updated the chart and again forwarded it to me for review. The May version of the organizational chart contained 42 individuals. At the time, 10 were listed as killed, 18 captured and 14 […]

Operation River Gate Update – Day Two

Day two of Operation River Gate, which is aimed at dislodging al Qaeda and insurgents from the towns of Haditha, Haqlaniyah and Barwana, has ended. Six al Qaeda have been reported killed, and over 110 suspected insurgents detained. Iraqi Soldiers secured Haditha General Hospital, which was used as a base of operations by terrorists last […]

The Press Along the Euphrates

The Coalition has initiated a broad offensive along the entire length of the Euphrates River, from Qaim in the West all the way to Baghdad in the east. Operation Iron Fist is focused on the border town of Sa’dah and its surroundings. Operation River Gate is aimed at towns of Haditha, Haqlaniyah and Barwana at […]

Mountaineer Ends

Operation Mountaineer, the joint Iraqi and U.S. cordon & search operation in Ramadi, has completed. The southern neighborhood of Tammin was the main target of the operation, and the railroad bridge across the river was secured to prevent insurgents from smuggling weapons into the city from the west (the railroad bridge is bottom center of […]

Enter Operation River Gate

The Anbar Campaign intensifies and Zarqawi’s “Islamic Republic of Haditha” is in jeopardy. The Coalition – including Iraqi Army units – have launched Operation Bawwabatu Annaher (River Gate) and are taking the fight to Haditha, Haqlaniyah and Barwana. This operation is being conducted in conjunction with Operation Iron Fist in the Qaim region, and Operation […]

Iraqi Army in Ramadi – Operation Mountaineers

Coalition forces continue to battle with insurgents in an effort to secure Ramadi. Over the past two weeks several incidents of fighting have been reported. John Carlson, a reported embedded with 224th Engineer Battalion of the Iowa National Guard writes “It’s noon Monday in Ramadi as I write this (4 a.m. in Iowa) and there’s […]

Iron Fist – Day Three

Day three of Operation Iron Fist has ended. Captain Jeffery Pool states that reports Marines have taken the fight to Karabilah are “not necessarily accurate” and “the operation is taking place in and around the village of Sa’dah.” This conflicts with Anna Badkhen’s report that Marines entered the town but withdrew. However it is possible […]

The Fighting Moves to Karabilah

The fight in Western Iraq has moved to the outskirts of the town of Karabilah, after the town of Sada was cleared by Marines. Press reports indicate 36 terrorists have been killed so far, with no Marine casualties. Al Qaeda has claimed to have taken two Marines as prisoners, but Major Neil Murphy denies this; […]

Iron Fist IV – Day Two

Day two of Operation Iron Fist has completed. Captain Jeffery Pool issues a status update. Thirteen insurgents are confirmed killed in the fighting, twelve others are suspected killed or wounded after six JDAMs (GPS guided bombs) struck a safe house. Five civilian casualties are reported, and no Marines were killed or injured during the intense […]

Iron Fist III – Matador or Restoring Rights?

Marines entered the town of Sada and conducted house by house searches. Anna Badkhen, embedded with the Marines of the 3rd Battalion, 6th Regiment reports many of the residents fled the town, and the terrorists took the opportunity to rig homes with explosive devices. Ms. Badkhen also states the Marine are receiving inaccurate mortar fire […]

Iron Fist Update

The first day of Operation Iron Fist concludes. Eight terrorists are killed during separate engagements and one is captured – a potential source of intelligence on the enemy’s infrastructure and defenses in the town. Multiple car bombs are destroyed. Airstrikes, infantry and armor were utilized during the day’s fighting. The fighting appears to be occurring […]

Operation Iron Fist Near Qaim

Operation Iron Fist is aimed at the town of Sada (Sa’dah) near Qaim. Via an email from Captain Jeffery Pool (updated with press release): A force of approximately 1,000 Marines, soldiers and sailors from Regimental Combat Team-2 launched an operation against a known terrorist sanctuary in the western Al Anbar province town of Sa’dah, in […]