Tawhid al Jihad urges militant operations against Israel

Against the backdrop of possible annexation of certain areas of the West Bank and President Trump’s Deal of the Century, Tawhid al Jihad released a publication promoting jihadist operations to prevent the implementation of those plans by Israel and the United States.

The video, titled “Rouse the Believers,” is the first major publication by the jihadist group this year. The group emphasized a conspiracy by “Jews and Christians” against the Palestinian cause.

The publication began by the group denouncing Trump’s Middle East peace plan and the United States’ 2017 decision that recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

“We have all heard the lying and falsehood of the Jews and American usurpers of our lands and our Aqsa by announcing Trump’s peace plan. Their talking is falsehood, and our doing is the truth,” the narrator stated.

Furthermore, behind the imagery of Tawhid al Jihad fighters training at a military camp in Gaza, the narrator urged followers to unite against Jews and Christians for the cause of jihad.

“Our nation! Our youth! Be careful! Obey your Lord! Unite your work! Sincerely intend to obey Allah! Be a strong barrier against aspirations of Jews and Christians and their followers. Be defenders of Islam! The Islamic Jihad is lasting forever in our nation,” the group stated.

Additionally, the group implied it would launch jihadist operations by showing recordings of various terrorist attacks against Israelis throughout the publication.

“May the matter of the Islamic nation rise by raising the matter of its Holy Quran, and by taking Jihad for the sake of Allah as a way to restore its stolen rights, as our predecessors were doing. We hate death, but we are ready to set fires for the sake of Allah,” the narrator stated as video of attacks were played.

It is common for Palestinian militant groups — especially Salafist-jihadi organizations — to call on Palestinians with or without ties to militant groups, to commit acts of terror against Israelis. In the “Rouse the Believers” publication, this message continued to be emphasized.

It is worth noting, the group has previously claimed success in conducting its own operations inside of Israel. In 2017, Fadi Ahmed al Qanbar – a militant belonging to the group – intentionally drove a truck into a group of IDF soldiers killing four in Jerusalem.

It’s not clear if threats from Tawhid al Jihad will materialize. Aside from a few rockets launched during recent conflict with Israel, the group has not conducted a major operation since 2017. However, it would be misguided to believe the group isn’t motivated to attempt another operation in the near future considering the group’s violent rhetoric about derailing Trump’s peace plan and West Bank annexation.

Joe Truzman is a senior research analyst at FDD's Long War Journal focused primarily on Palestinian armed groups and non-state actors in the Middle East.

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