Iranian proxy in Iraq threatens US-led coalition air base

Banner released by League of the Revolutionaries for today’s video

In a recently published video, the Iranian-proxy group League of the Revolutionaries (LoR) demonstrated more of its surveillance to potentially plot an attack an American-led coalition air base in Iraq. 

The video described Ayn al Assad Air Base being the second-largest air base in Iraq housing American, British and Iraqi troops. The air base was the target of ballistic missiles fired by the IRGC on Jan. 8 in retaliation for the U.S. operation that killed former Qods Forces’ chief Qasem Soleimani.

The air base also recently received a Patriot air defence system to counter future attacks by Iranian-backed militias. 

After the group’s description of the base, an aerial view of what the publication alleged to be the “housing barracks” was shown. Footage was also shown of several military cargo planes parked at the airbase.

Furthermore, the publication revealed footage taken from inside the airbase of airplanes taking off, as well as the location of parked aircraft. 

On its Telegram page, LoR added that “and from what you have seen from the footage of the evil embassy, this was not our first exploratory mission and not the last of them.” 

The video played out much like last week’s threat against the US embassy in Baghdad. In that production, the group showed footage taken from a commercial drone over the compound while threatening “our eyes observe their movements and they will not achieve what they want.”

This same vague warning was also issued today for the Ayn al Asad base. 

These propaganda videos are meant to convey a message to the American-led coalition in Iraq that it, as well as its patrons in Iran, are closely monitoring the movements of coalition troops, especially American.

This is part of the wider strategy of the Iranian-backed ‘axis of resistance’ efforts currently ongoing to eject US forces from Iraq

LoR officially burst onto the scene last month after claiming a rocket barrage on Camp Taji, an Iraqi base that hosts U.S. and other coalition troops.

As previously detailed by FDD’s Long War Journal, the League of the Revolutionaries is likely a front group for other, more established Iranian proxies in Iraq.

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