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Iraqi forces launch operation to free besieged town of Amerli


The Parliament has amended the Constitution to allow the monarchy to appoint the top military and intelligence officials. Jordan has agreed to shelter about 1,000 Iraqi Christian refugees for one year until they are resettled to Western countries; their transport and sustenance is being paid for by a Catholic NGO.


Islamist fighters fired rockets at the Benina Airbase in Benghazi, reportedly killing 10 Operation Dignity soldiers and wounding 25 more. Operation Dignity placed itself nominally under the government’s Chief of Staff. Heavy fighting also erupted west of Tripoli between Islamists and forces loyal to the government, and a hotel was sacked and pillaged. The manager […]


The US Embassy warned Americans to avoid travel to Sulu and the Mindanao archipelago due to the activities of al Qaeda-linked groups such as Abu Sayyaf. Reports have emerged that elements of the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters and the Abu Sayyaf, including wanted leader Isnilon Hapilon, have sworn allegiance to the Islamic State. Wanted Abu […]

United States

The US imposed new sanctions on Iran, aimed mainly at preventing Iran from getting around existing ones and halting the provision of weapons and personnel to Syria. The Homeland Security Department is considering the imposition of additional measures to stop jihadists from returning from conflict zones such as Syria and Iraq to the US. A […]


The Islamic State was targeted by regime airstrikes, and clashed with Kurdish YPG fighters in Aleppo; was targeted by regime airstrikes while mobilizing for battle in Deir Izzour, where it also raided the houses of civilians; fought against the YPG in Hasakah, where a Tunisian IS emir is trying to make fighters in Gweran swear […]


Hundreds of US-donated anti-tank guided missiles, rifles, mortars, and other weapons have been delivered to Lebanon after it requested the equipment to help fight terrorists in the country, and more heavy weaponry is expected to arrive in the coming weeks. Maronite Patriarch Beshara Rai called for the creation of a UN military force to stop […]


Kicked Off Twitter And Facebook, Islamic State Finds New Tools


Militant Salafist leader Mohammad Shalabi, who has urged Islamists to fight in Syria and indicated his support for the Islamic State as well as other groups, said his followers will not take action in Jordan unless “we felt … that injustice is going to befall us or that the circle of injustice is expanding.” A […]


The Turkmen City of Amirli in Iraq Under Siege by Islamic State


Ansar al Sharia fired rockets at Labraq airport in Beida. Operation Dignity said one of its aircraft crashed near Beida, killing the pilot, but that the crash was due to a technical failure. The former GNC began an investigation into the source of the aircraft that targeted Islamists in Tripoli. Grand Mufti Al Ghariani urged […]

United Kingdom

The government raised the terror alert level to “severe,” the second highest level, due to concerns that terrorists in Syria and Iraq are planning attacks against the West. Urging vigilance, the head of national counterterrorism police said, “[I]t is highly likely that a terrorist attack could happen in the UK.”