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The Afghan military claimed that two Taliban leaders were among 28 jihadists, including “foreign militants,” killed in an operation in Nuristan. A Taliban suicide assault team killed four members of the National Directorate of Security and two civilians in an assault on an NDS headquarters in Nangarhar. The Taliban also executed 11 civilians in Farah.


A suicide bomber killed 11 Iraqis in Baghdad. The Iraqi military said it killed 11 Islamic State fighters in Jurf as Sakhar and three more in Bayji. The US military launched three airstrikes in support of Iraq forces in Amerli and five more airstrikes against the Islamic State near the Mosul Dam.


In Deir Izzour, the Islamic State continued preparations for an assault on the military airbase, and also executed five men on various charges, including “apostasy.” Regime airstrikes targeted the IS in Raqqah. The Al Nusrah Front flogged a man for “insulting the divine” in Idlib. Kurdish YPG fighters battled IS in Hasakah. Al Nusrah, the […]


The Islamic State posted video of a captive Lebanese soldier pleading for the release of Islamist inmates from Roumieh Prison. The Al Nusrah Front threatened to kill captive Lebanese soldiers if Hezbollah does not withdraw from fighting in Qalamoun in Syria. A Hezbollah official warned that the Islamic State intends to take over Lebanon as […]

Al Nusrah Front

Fiji seeks release of UN peacekeepers abducted on Syrian side of Golan Heights, as Philippines soldiers escape


As Islamic State fighters begin to blend in, defeating them no easy matter


The Islamist coalition Libya Dawn announced that its forces have “secured” the US Embassy compound in Tripoli; the US State Department initially refused to comment, then said that only part of the compound had been breached. Another report said only the residential complex had been taken over. Tunisian authorities said several Ansar al Sharia members […]


A hospital treated 10 Salafists injured by buckshot during a confrontation with two other people in Kasserine. Earlier this week, national guard forces in Kasserine arrested eight people linked to the Jebel Chaambi terrorists. The antiterrorism unit arrested three women for supporting and providing comfort to Jebel Chaambi terrorists; one of the women is the […]


Algeria has announced the release of the last of the hostages kidnapped in April 2012 from its consulate in Gao, Mali by the Movement for Oneness and Jihad in West Africa (MUJAO). Another hostage, consul Boualem Saies, died in captivity, and diplomat Tahar Touati was assassinated, according to the Foreign Ministry. The head of the […]


Security forces stopped a 16-year-old French girl from traveling to Syria to join Islamist fighters and arrested a man suspected of paying for her plane ticket; he is said to a Chechen resident of France who recruits for jihadist groups. Two French teenage girls arrested earlier this month were indicted for conspiracy in a plan […]


Kerry urges global ‘coalition’ to fight ISIS jihadists


All of the Philippine UN peacekeeping troops in the Golan area that were surrounded by the Al Nusrah Front were rescued after intervention by UN rapid response forces as well as distracting artillery fire by regime forces; Al Nusrah still holds 45 Fijian peacekeeping troops. Al Nusrah claimed that the troops were detained because the […]


The Lebanese branch of the Al Nusrah Front said it has handed over five kidnapped Lebanese troops who belong to the Sunni sect, as the group’s fight “is not against the Sunnis.” Authorities arrested six Syrians and eight Lebanese in Zahle who are suspected of forging documents for terrorist groups, and confiscated official seals for […]