The Al Nusrah Front and the Islamic Front battled regime forces in Homs. The Islamic Front also clashed with regime forces in Aleppo near the central prison; in Deraa in Deraa city; and in Deir Izzour, where two members of a reconciliation committee were detained by the sharia committee. The Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham kidnapped at least 193 Kurdish civilians from Qbasin near Al Bab city in Aleppo; clashed with the Islamic Front in Deir Izzour; destroyed shrines in Aleppo; executed a fighter in Raqqah; and executed 15 civilians in Hasakah. Al Nusrah claimed a joint operation in Khan Sheikhoun in the Idlib on May 25 by “brothers in the al-Nusra Front in Hama, Jund al-Aqsa, Liwa’ al-Ummah [Brigade of the Ummah], Liwa’ al-Haq, and Farouq al-Shimal”; the al Qaeda affiliate also claimed two May 25 car bombings in Zahra in Homs; “liberation” of two regime barriers in Homs on May 18; and a joint “liberation” of the al-Khazanat Camp in Khan Sheikhoun on May 15 by Al Nusrah, Jund al-Aqsa, Liwa’ al-Ummah, and Liwa’ al-Haq.



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