Pakistani Taliban threaten US for killing leader in drone strike


The Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan threatened to avenge the death of Hakeemullah Mehsud, its former emir, who was killed by the US in a drone strike last week. The al Qaeda-linked Taliban group also praised Hakeemullah for “the consolidation of the idea of global Jihad and the Caliphate,” and claimed “sorcery” was responsible for a lingering illness.

The Pakistani Taliban made the claims in an official statement that was released today by its official media outlet, Umar Media. The Taliban’s statement was obtained and translated by the SITE Intelligence Group.

“We say to the enemies of Allah, the Americans and their allies, that the blood of our Emir Mullah Hakeemullah Mehsud … will not be wasted, and we will take revenge for him and his blood as soon as possible,” the Taliban statement said, according to SITE. “This is a promise from us and a debt around our necks. We are not exempt nor released from it with Allah’s permission until we fulfill it. The war between you and us is a rivalry, and you will see infidels with your own eyes the consequences and victory that will be for the Mujahideen of Islam.”

In the statement, the Taliban touted two attacks against the US that took place outside of Pakistan: the December 2009 suicide attack that killed seven CIA employees and a Jordanian intelligence officer in Khost, Afghanistan; and the May 2010 bombing attempt in Times Square in New York City. Hakeemullah had appeared in videos claiming both attacks.

The Taliban stressed that Hakeemullah was responsible for furthering the Pakistani Taliban’s involvement in the international jihad and calling for the return of the Caliphate, or a global Islamic state.

“[Hakeemullah] presented the importance of Jihad at the forefront and the consolidation of the idea of global Jihad and the Caliphate in the Mujahideen,” the statement said.

In the statement, the Pakistani Taliban also described al Qaeda’s emir, Ayman al Zawahiri, as “our Sheikh,” and the leader of the Afghan Taliban, Mullah Omar, as “our Emir of the Believers.”

Participation in international jihad and the establishment of the Caliphate are two of al Qaeda’s primary goals. The Pakistani Taliban cooperate closely with al Qaeda and provide shelter and support for the global terror group’s top leaders and operatives.

In the statement, the Pakistani Taliban also claimed that Hakeemullah “has spent more than his life after leading the Emirate in strong sickness because of sorcery, despite not suffering from any disease.” The nature and source of the “sorcery” was not disclosed.

Hakeemullah was in the process of “treating himself with spiritual treatment from one of the Mujahid Arab Sheikhs” just before he was killed. The identity of the “Arab Sheikh” was not disclosed, but Arab fighters in the region are often members of al Qaeda.

Bill Roggio is a Senior Fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies and the Editor of FDD's Long War Journal.

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  • tahira says:

    As I said earlier, Taliban might target foreigners and diplomatic enclave in Pakistan’s capital of Islamabad where they (Taliban) have taken virtual control.
    No amount of struggle to bring Taliban on negotiation table will serve purpose. It’s stupid and nonsense Pakistan is trying to cajole killers who have killed more than fifty thousand people including senior military officers.
    Taliban will never ever be able to attack US Capital or any other part of our beloved land but we must keep strict vigil on trouble makers within the US,

  • Devendra says:

    I guess these guys want to live in the 7th century for ever.

  • Bungo says:

    Sorcery? What sorcery? Are you kidding me? These people are seriously unhinged. Who even thinks like that? I guess the only thing to do now is try to figure out how to exploit this belief of theirs in “sorcery”. Please tell them I’m whipping up an evil magic spell in my dungeon that is going to Blow Their Minds. I call it the “Reaper Mojo Hand”.

  • EDDIED. says:

    I promise that Hakeemulla will not be the last of you murderers to be killed by the American drones and our soldiers. In fact, every last one of you terrorist will either be captured or killed. Your Allah and I guarantee it.

  • AndrewC says:

    “Sorcery”…. Christ, these idiots are medieval.

  • JT says:

    First, the US surely has some provocative looking drones that could feed into this fear of sorcery stuff.
    Second: As to the threats, they really really really really mean it. This time.
    Finally, I don’t know who to believe regarding planning of attacks against the US and the real history of disrupting those plans. I do know that some of the plots were not in fact disrupted – We (the US) were simply lucky because the bombs in Times Square and on the Christmas Detroit plane were simply duds. There was absolutely NOTHING in the “system” that “worked.” Ridiculous statements by the secretary of homeland security that the system worked in these cases was glossed over by the talking heads.

  • john says:

    I also call forth the Reaper Mojo Hand, and I give it a Terrible Proboscis. Let it reach forth and suck the minds of these incredibly insane and ignorant morons calling themselves Mujahid. Oh, too late.

  • ED GARDNER says:

    Sorcery maybe the work of M-5’s Sorcery Div.
    Way to go Harry!

  • gb says:

    When’s the last time we witnessed a B52 strike? It seems that in some of these more infested areas they would be justified in the use of such force, although the liberal media would go crazy. I mean we are still at war with American ground troops in harms way.

  • Question is are some within Pakistan committing “high treason” collaborating with US on drone strikes since APC voted unanimously for dialogue…

  • Bob says:

    That baby face punk looks good in DEAD


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