Al Furqan Brigades claim attack on satellite station in Cairo

The Al Furqan Brigades claimed responsibility for yesterday’s attack on a satellite station in the Cairo suburb of Maadi, in a video released today. The video shows fighters from the group firing RPGs toward the station.

According to the jihadist group, which has previously targeted ships traveling through the Suez Canal, it struck the station to “make the media of disbelief know that we are coming and we are about to end them.” In addition, the jihadist group said it sought “to draw for all of our brothers clear and easy steps in the way of jihad to make it easy for them to follow.”

In a statement displayed at the end of the video, which was translated by the SITE Intelligence Group, the Al Furqan Brigades denounced Egyptian security forces as “apostate disbelievers” who should not receive compassion from Egyptians.

The group further called on Egyptian Muslims to “[r]ise for jihad… to fight the apostates.” “One bullet in the cause of Allah might be the beginning of the road to victory or martyrdom,” the group declared.

Today’s video comes a little over a week after the Al Nusrah Battalion, a unit within the al Furqan Brigades, claimed responsibility for a number of recent shooting attacks in Egypt. The group said its attacks targeted “apostates” and “criminals.”

In early September, the Al Furqan Brigades posted video of its members firing RPGs at a vessel traveling through the Suez Canal. In addition to the video, the group released an online statement, which stated that “the road for Allah’s word to be supreme is the ammunition box and not the ballot box.”

And on July 29, the Al Furqan Brigades released a statement claiming responsibility for an RPG attack on a ship traveling through the Suez Canal. Video from the purported attack in July was uploaded to YouTube on Aug. 4.

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