Shabaab plot to attack London planned to be ‘similar to … Mumbai’


Bill Roggio is a Senior Fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies and the Editor of FDD's Long War Journal.

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  • NP says:

    This just reaffirms my personal opinion that I’d rather keep fighting terrorists overseas than take the pressure off and allow them to focus their resources to attack targets here. I’m convinced that is why we haven’t had a successful attack on the scale of 9/11 since. That and a little bit of luck.

  • port_blair says:

    Hey that is what is what Tony and his cronies
    have done to Britain. Every J and K terror outfit
    LeT all have their head offices and spokespersons in
    Londonistan. Where else?
    Uneducated Britain will pay for their
    political correctness with 2 generations of dhimmitude,
    anyway the Guardian will blame those kids at a
    cookery contest in Westgate- it was their fault.
    So called MI6 was toothless when Samantha Leithwaite
    flew the coop. There has to be Interpol warrant out for
    the Blair family for the atrocities in Nairobi.

  • . says:

    Inevitably, all terror roads lead to the West with New York City being the grand prize.

  • Paul D says:

    There are plenty of jobless brit born pakistanis and somalians to choose from.

  • Scott J says:

    This article reminds me that we must remember who our enemy is and that we must not take our eye off the ball.

  • TLA says:

    Funny how they were thinking of targetting the Ritz and the Dorcester hotels, because Britons avoid them and they are plagued by wealthy Arabs.

  • Joseph says:

    Fighting the rising tide of extremism (of all sorts) will require levels of attention and price tags that we aren’t yet willing to accept.

  • Paul D says:

    The only way to stop extremism is to stop the funding from the Gulf states.

  • port_blair says:

    Now I have to add and additional comment on Londonistan. the terrorists now know how to foil
    GCHQ and MI5 surveillance.
    Guardian authors are now directly smuggling
    Snowden files around the world. Is the Guardian
    a newspaper reporting politics or a eager player
    is the ruthless rush to cuase future terrorist
    attacks in the UK.
    The Guardian in collusion with Blair and family
    has a far sinister end goal.


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