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United States

Two senior Marine Corps commanders were ordered to take early retirement as a disciplinary measure for failing to provide for adequate security at Camp Bastion in Afghanistan’s restive Helmand province last year, where a Taliban attack killed two US Marines and damaged over $200 million worth of military aircraft. One the commanders, General Gurganus, had […]


Two Marine Corps Generals Are Forced to Retire Over Fatal Security Breach


The government claimed it retook a district in Badakhshan from the Taliban; the Taliban claimed they are still in control of the district. Police claimed to have killed 25 Taliban fighters in Helmand and 10 more in Helmand. The Taliban killed two policemen and three civilians in Herant, and a policeman in Balkh.


Al Qaeda in Iraq killed at least 55 Iraqis and wounded more than 150 in a series of coordinated bombings throughout the capital of Baghdad. More than 20 car bombs were detonated in mainly Shia neighborhoods throughout the capital. One blast occurred outside a Sunni mosque.


Foreign Minister Mouallem told the UN that Syrian “terrorists” are being supplied with chemical weapons, and claimed there are no moderate militants in Syria, where jihadists from 83 countries are allegedly fighting. He likened the terrorism suffered by Syria to the 9/11 attacks. Syria said it would not sit at peace talks with the Syrian […]


The al Furqan Brigades released video of recent shooting attacks against “criminals” and “apostates.” Unidentified gunmen shot and killed at least six security personnel in attacks in the Sinai. A court upheld a one-year sentence for former Prime Minister Hisham Qandil. Security forces allegedly arrested a ‘top jihadist’ operating in the Sinai.