Egypt seizes US-made antiaircraft and antitank missiles headed for Gaza

On Friday, Egyptian authorities following a tip from local Bedouin seized six US-made antiaircraft and anti-tank missiles. The missiles are believed to have been smuggled from Libya and likely destined for the Gaza Strip.

“With the help of secret informants, the police found the storage site, where they found six US-made advanced missiles inside large holes in the ground [that were waiting to be] smuggled to the Gaza Strip through tunnels,” one security source said.

Security officials say the missiles, which were found near el Arish in the Northern Sinai, have a range of up to two kilometers, according to the Associated Press. The make and model of the weapons seized were not specified.

Today’s seizure comes just a few weeks after Egyptian authorities foiled an attempt to smuggle 17 short-range rockets into Gaza.

On Wednesday, Israel completed most of its border fence with Egypt. The barrier is intended to help prevent the influx illegal migrants as well as stop jihadists operating in the Sinai from carrying out attacks in Israel.

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  • My2Cents says:

    What kind of missiles were they?
    Given the quality of the Press reporting they are just as likely to be old LAW rockets.

  • SomeGuy says:

    Javelins and TOWs both advertise use against helicopters in the manual…but with this great description, your right…might have been bows and arrows

  • mike merlo says:

    ‘sounds’ like someone from Egypt’s armory is making some money on the side

  • FrankB says:

    Ho do you say “Fast and Furious” in Arabic?

  • j houe says:

    U.S. has never provided MANPADS to the Libyans. They were either Soviet-made or not MANPADS.

  • Alex says:

    Good news that Egypt cracked down on them. Bad that they let these guys get their hands on those weapons in the first place.


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