Taliban suicide bomber kills 14, including 3 ISAF troops

The Taliban have claimed credit for a suicide attack on a military convoy today in the eastern Afghan province of Khost that killed 14 people, including three Western soldiers.

The suicide bomber detonated his explosives as a convoy of of NATO and Afghan forces traveled near the governor’s compound in Khost City, the provincial capital of Khost, Pajhwok Afghan News reported. Three NATO soldiers, four Afghan police officers, including the commander of the Khost Rapid Reaction Force, and seven civilians were killed in the blast. In addition, at least 53 people were wounded.

The International Security Assistance Force confirmed that three of its soldiers and “an ISAF-contracted interpreter” were killed in “a suicide improvised explosive device attack in eastern Afghanistan today.” ISAF did not release the names or nationalities of the soldiers killed, but Americans up the bulk of the forces in Khost.

The Taliban claimed credit for today’s attack in a statement released on Voice of Jihad, their official propaganda website. The Taliban claimed that the attack was carried out by a Muhammad Shoaib, a “resident of Kunduz province.”

The Taliban have targeted ISAF convoys in the east with a suicide bomber twice in the past five days. On Sept. 26, a Taliban suicide bomber killed two US soldiers in a suicide attack on a convoy in the Baraki Barak district in Logar province.

Both the Sept. 26 suicide attack and the attack today were likely executed by the Haqqani Network, the Taliban subgroup that has a strong presence in eastern Afghanistan. The Haqqani Network, which is closely tied to al Qaeda and has been recently been added to the US’s list of terrorist organizations, has a strong presence in Khost and has expanded its operations into Logar province over the past several years. The Haqqani Network frequently conducts suicide attacks in eastern Afghanistan as well as in Kabul.

Since Sept. 1, the Taliban, the Haqqani Network,and the Hizb-i-Islami Gulbuddin have executed 10 suicide attacks against ISAF and Afghan personnel, as well as against Afghan civilians, according to a count by The Long War Journal. The attacks have taken place throughout Afghanistan.

Bill Roggio is a Senior Fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies and the Editor of FDD's Long War Journal.

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  • Charu says:

    This is crazy! Why aren’t the Taliban, the Haqqanis, and the Hekmatyars made to pay directly in their safe havens in Pakistan? Two thousand war dead not enough to call out the ISI and its proxies?

  • Erik J. says:

    They always say NATO troops killed but it’s always discovered they were all Americans. In addition, it’s Uncle Stupid on the hook for the billions in rebuilding, fighting, etc. No wonder we’re a broke econimic has-been. Everyone else knows that they don’t have to spend much on defense, e.g. Japan, Germany, Saudi Arabia, S Korea, because good ole Uncle Sucker is more than willing to spend their children’s future earnings on being the world’s policeman.

  • Port Blair says:

    @Erik J. I share your frustration. When you have a so
    called ally whose ministers can glibly issue
    fatwas in the world media you are in for disappointment- this current administration has deceived the
    American public. There needs to be a serious
    debate on how and why Pakistani politicians should be targeted
    legally and by extra judicial means . Lastly, I support the idea of having an apolitical body for former NATO
    servicemen and intelligence people and foreign policy experts who can legally challenge the current WH
    and its statements.

  • Horseman says:

    You are foolish if you think for a moment that there is no need for US policing up Islamic extremism around the world. It does come with a high cost but a necessary one. You can bury your head in the sand if you want but Islamic extremists will never cease attacking the great nation of infidels. There was this incident on 9/11 where war was brought to our doorstep if you have forgotten. The internal economic problems of the US can be resolved by trimming the fat in other areas. BTW, Uncle Sam is always hiring citizens without jobs that are willing to proudly serve.


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