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Egypt’s president heads to Turkey to build emerging alliance of moderate Islamist governments


Training for Consulate Attacks, in Case There’s a Next Time


Canadian-born Guantanamo detainee Omar Khadr, 26, was repatriated to Canada. In 2010, he pled guilty to crimes including membership in al Qaeda and murdering a US soldier in Afghanistan, and this spring was cleared for release to Canada. He will be eligible for parole in 2013.


A Kurdish TV station lost its broadcast license for two months for failing to cooperate in an investigation into its links with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan blamed Scandinavian countries for increased PKK violence, saying,”Terrorist leaders walk free in these countries, and they allow them to collect financial aid in the […]


White House Move to Give Egypt $450 Million in Aid Meets Resistance


Mali prepares for war with Islamists despite reticent neighbours


Pakistan rejects media reports about ‘clearing airspace for US drone strikes’


More than 90 inmates were freed after al Qaeda in Iraq launched an attack on the Tasfirat prison in Kirkuk. Ten prison guards and two inmates were killed during the attack, which included a suicide bomber.

United States

The office of National Intelligence Director James Clapper said the assault on the US consulate in Benghazi was a “deliberate and organized terrorist attack,” contradicting previous statements by several administration officials. Some US agencies believe the attack was carried out by militants linked to al Qaeda. For security reasons, the State Department is temporarily pulling […]


Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu said Iran would have enough uranium to make a nuclear bomb by next summer and that a “red line” should be drawn to stop it. Iran warned it would retaliate against any attack.


On the second day of their offensive in Aleppo, rebels unleashed artillery barrages against government positions. Government forces responded with air and artillery attacks. The government moved some of its chemical weapons for safekeeping. The US and France announced increased support for the rebels.

Al Qaeda

Radical Islamists unite under fresh name


British-built schools in Afghanistan may be forced to close


The Kenyan military claimed it has seized control of the port city of Kismayo, the last major stronghold for Shabaab. The Kenyans launched an amphibious assault on the beach. Shabaab has denied that Kismayo has fallen.