Australian Islamist cleric killed in Syria

An Islamist cleric from Sydney, Australia named Mustapha al Majzoub was killed in Aleppo, Syria on Aug. 19 during a rocket attack by the forces of President Bashar Assad.

Jihadist news sites described him as a religious leader known for his efforts to recruit fighters from Australia, and reported that the 30-year-old dual Australian/Syrian citizen had gone to Syria in June to “join the resistance alongside jihadi Salafis.”

According to The Australian, al Majzoub was known to Australian police and intelligence agencies because of his extremist views.

In contrast, ABC News agency in Australia reported that he was in Syria to do charity and humanitarian work. The Australian news agency also said he was the brother of a member of the Syrian National Council, and mentioned claims that the brothers were helping to broker talks between rebel factions.

From the Australian ABC news agency:

He was born in Saudi Arabia but had Syrian heritage. He’d been in Syria since June. In a Facebook post he said he wanted to be as close as possible to the front line to serve his brothers and sisters inside and outside Syria.

His brother Sheikh Fida Majzoub is a member of the Syrian National Council, which wants to overthrow the current Assad regime. Its been reported that the brothers were helping broker talks between rebel factions. But Keyzar Trad [from the Islamic Friendship Association] says sheikh Mustafa was not involved in the fighting.

On Aug. 20, Quran and Sunnah Productions released a video titled “Tribute to Shaykh Mustapha al-Majzoub.” The video featured segments of a speech al Majzoub had given about the Syrian conflict at an event in January that was called “Muslim Community Protest in Support of the Syrian Uprising.”

During the January speech, al Majzoub said:

A believer has the obligation of supporting other believers no matter where they are…. Understand- and I want this message to go to anyone and everyone who is plotting against our brothers and sisters wherever they are, starting with Syria and going beyond- this nation of la elaha illalah… is like a lamp. Its fuel is the blood of the martyrs. Every time there is someone who is killed for this religion, this fire will only get stronger and stronger. ….. and nothing can extinguish the light of Allah….Victory awaits our brothers in Syria… Words on their own are not enough. But it’s words with sacrifice that brings the result. Our brothers in Syria will be victorious….

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  • Matt says:

    Man I love reading about our enemies killing eachother. What could be better?

  • Reco says:

    You gotta love these Shia VS Sunni Muslim wars in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Muslims KILLING Muslims is the only solution to making the world a safer place. The Muslims are now too BUSY KILLING their own kind to plan attacks against non-Muslims

  • TLA says:

    Strewth! Howzat!
    Forgive the ‘Australianisms’ and cricket parlance(which I doubt he used).


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