Monthly Archives: August 2012


The Taliban beheaded a boy in Kandahar; another girl was found beheaded in Kapisa. The Taliban killed two policemen in an IED attack in Herat and executed five civilians in Ghazni. Security forces killed two Taliban fighters and detained several others in Paktia, Logar, and Ghazni.


Obama administration divided over designating Haqqani network as terrorist group


Fighters from the rebel army’s Brigade of Free Syrians launched an offensive in Aleppo, including attacks against an artillery training school, an intelligence compound, and a major army checkpoint. The Syrian National Council said it is expanding to include more activist groups.


Assassination Of Daghestan’s Sufi Spiritual Leader Raises Specter Of New Violence


US drones killed eight al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters in an airstrike on a vehicle in Hadramout province. Four out of the last five drone strikes have taken place in the eastern province.


Three people were killed in a bombing at a bus station in Mogadishu. “Gunmen” killed two people in Gelinsor. Shabaab claimed it overran a Kenyan base in Afmadow and shot down a helicopter.


Pakistan blasphemy case: ‘Muslims could take law into their own hands’


Personal records and data for over 60 members of Nigeria’s domestic intelligence agency were posted on the Internet. Boko Haram mentioned the data in a recent threat. The al Qaeda-linked group has already killed over 660 people in Nigeria this year.


Police again arrested Lashkar-e-Jhangvi leader Malik Ishaq. The military claimed that two Taliban commanders and 16 fighters were killed during clashes in Bajaur.


An Afghan soldier killed three Australian troops in Uruzgan; two more Australian soldiers were killed in a helicopter crash. Four civilians were killed in a mortar attack in Logar. The man thought to be the new chief of the NDS has been accused of torture.


The UN’s nuclear watchdog agency said that Iran has more than doubled the nuclear enrichment capacity of its underground site at Fordow in the past four months. The IAEA also noted suspected recent “sanitisation efforts” at the Parchin military complex.