Taliban confirm death of Nuristan’s deputy shadow governor

The Afghan Taliban confirmed that their deputy governor for Nuristan province was killed in a US airstrike.

The Taliban announced the death of Jamil ur Rahman (or Jamil al Rahman bin Sa’adullah) in a statement released on May 23 on the Pashto-language section of Voice of Jihad, and then again on May 25 on the Arabic-language section, according to the SITE Intelligence Group.

“We received with deep sadness the news of the martyrdom of the deputy governor of Nuristan province in the formations of the Islamic Emirate, the well-known knowledgeable and jihadi personality, the venerable sheikh, Jamil al-Rahman, along with his closest friend, the heroic commander Abdul Hakim, at noon today, Wednesday, 23/5/2012, in an American airstrike in the village of Hashmuz in Wanat Waygal district of Nuristan province,” the Taliban statement said.

The Taliban said that Jamil’s death was “a big loss to all the mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate, and the citizens and the whole Muslim world,” and then extolled his “martyrdom,” and vowed to “retaliate.”

“Every mujahid with determination in the Islamic Emirate has pledged to retaliate, Allah willing, for all the martyrs and the oppressed,” the statement continued.

The Taliban provided a brief bio of Jamil, noting that he was born “in a religious family” in Hashmuz, the same village where he was killed, and “completed his studies in different religious schools in Pakistan.”

“In addition to teaching Shariah sciences, he had a strong and effective role in the previous jihad and he remained a commander for several fronts,” the statement said. The Taliban said that Jamil was “assigned by the Command of the Islamic Emirate as the deputy governor of Nuristan province, where he continued his jihadi mission until the last moments of his life….”

The International Security Force announced Jamil’s death on May 23, and described him as “a senior insurgent leader in Nuristan province” who “provided leadership and support to insurgent forces throughout Nuristan and Kunar and coordinated insurgent activities across eastern Afghanistan.” The governor of Nuristan confirmed the deaths of Jamil ur Rahman and Abdul Hakim, and noted that Jamil was the Taliban’s deputy shadow governor [see LWJ report, ISAF kills Taliban’s deputy shadow governor for Nuristan].

Jamil served under Dost Mohammed, the longtime shadow governor for Nuristan who is tied to al Qaeda. ISAF killed Jamil just one week after a Taliban liaison to the Peshawar Shura, which commands operations in Nuristan, was captured. The Taliban liaison also served under Dost Mohammed.

Much of Nuristan is either under Taliban control or is contested. The province serves as a safe haven for al Qaeda, the Lashkar-e-Taiba, the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan, and other regional terror groups.

Bill Roggio is a Senior Fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies and the Editor of FDD's Long War Journal.

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  • villiger says:

    Now this Shariah ‘sciences’ teacher is really in the shadow.
    Muthuswamy, more corroboration of your theory.

  • mike merlo says:

    The area in question has matured into a nice ‘kill box.’ I’d be curious to know what ‘Shariah Sciences’ are, particularly the curriculum?

  • Soldier says:

    The village is Amesoza. An alternative name for the same village is Hamishos. It’s in the northern Waygal area, traversing several different lines on an important facilitation route between the capillary valleys of the Pech and South Kunar area and connecting them to Kamdesh and Barg-e Matal districts in Nuristan. Historically, at the sites of Bella and Aranas, the US has had difficulty maintaining a presence. The Afghan National Security Forces likely have made deals for their own survival along the route. This was an elite target. Well done.

  • Villiger says:

    Mike, quite, this is the problem–how do you yank these guys into contemporary consciousness? Its as if they belong to another world. At least their statement says it was “at noon today, Wednesday, 23/5/2012”, not at some point in the 14thC, so i suppose thats a start.

  • Charles says:

    ‘Shariah Sciences’ is a sub branch of politcal science.

  • James says:

    He was probably yanked from some walmart-sponsored pAQistani sweatshop when he was little, and then brainwashed from then on at the local madrassah. That’s probably what they mean by ‘shariah science’.
    Now, if our intel people and the Afghan’s could just lure ol’ one-eyed cyclops (mullah omar) to there or a similar area. He’d serve as excellent bait to eliminate as many of those thugs as possible before being killed or captured himself.
    When I say to ‘eliminate,’ I mean to say to ‘kill’ or to ‘capture’ or to ‘reconcile’ or however the political pundits may wish to phrase it.

  • ahmed41 says:

    OK , good !!! One *shadow commander* has been eliminated.
    There are others ; some are commanders, others are dedicated foot soldiers.
    In Nuristan they are bold and powerful.
    What is the long term way of de-talibanization of the Taliban mindset ?
    What is the root of this trouble ?


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